Umuaid Reviews

Umuaid cream is a .1% Phytosphingosine cream that claims to treat cystic acne within 48 hours.  The basic product costs $48 and is available over the counter and on From their website: Emuaid stimulates blood-flow to rapidly repair skin and prevent scarring Have you used this product?  If so, please tell us about your experiences below.

Proactiv Reviews for Adults (2011)

We have written ad nauseum about Proactiv and the pros/cons of using Benzyol Peroxide as an acne treatment.  Regardless, the most common question we here is a demand for Proactiv product reviews.  This is a space for our readers to tell us what they think about the product.  Please be accurate and honest.

MyZeo & Acne

An operating theory about the cause of acne is that it has much to do with the quality of your sleep.  Unfortunately, managing your quality of sleep is often impossible because it is nearly impossible to monitor the quality of your sleep.  I stumbled on a podcast with the CEO of today.  They make…

Meaningful Beauty Review

Meaningful Beauty has been in business since 1988, with an A+ BBB rating. MeaningfulBeauty is not a scam. I was in intrigued when I saw the Meaningful Beauty product line, featuring Cindy Crawford as a spokesmodel.  Mrs. Crawford has quite the brand name and reputation to uphold, so it is unlikely that she would align…

Lerosett Clay Mask Review

Note: since this article was written, Lerosett has continually threatened us with misguided legal claims, accused us of slander and threatened to sue us.  What they haven’t done, however, is produce a single copy of any of the studies their website cites. Lerosett is a skin care product / active treatment system made by Gunilla…