MyZeo & Acne

An operating theory about the cause of acne is that it has much to do with the quality of your sleep.  Unfortunately, managing your quality of sleep is often impossible because it is nearly impossible to monitor the quality of your sleep.  I stumbled on a podcast with the CEO of today.  They make a device that claims to measure the quality of sleep.  I plan to order one to run some experiments, but until then, I just thought I would put the idea out there for any curious readers.  Theoretically, you should be able to quickly tune your life to get great quality sleep, and your skin might just improve.

Do you have experience with this product? If so, post your myzeo reviews and comments here. Please be accurate and honest.

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  1. I just bought the MyZeo. The reason I found this blog is through google search of the words “MyZeo and Acne”. I did this because I woke up with acne breakouts on the temples of my head where the MyZeo band touches. I usually have a pretty clear complexion, so this is pretty irritating. Other than that, it’s a great product, but if you are using it to get rid of acne… it might be self defeating.

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