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  1. I’ve had deep acne on my face, back and chest for about five years (I’m twenty now). I tried countless lotions and such, but they all had little effect.

    At first, when I found Pantothen I was obviously skeptical, but was pressured into buying some by my mother. . . I’m glad I was. I’ve been taking the tablets for about a month now and my acne is all but gone. I’ve had no new outbursts and my face is a lot less greasy.

    I would strongly recommend this product to anyone suffering with acne. Give a couple of weeks for the very noticable effect. The confidence boost alone from having clear skin is well worth the cost!

    Thanks, Matt

    1. I got severe acne… did this really work. Please help bc I’m in the army and I’m not confident bc of my acne.

      1. I would recommend usin proactivs new gentle skin formula (proactiv+) , it works so well for me and I had some BAD acne. You will be very happy with the results and you should take two pantothen a day with it.

    2. does it really truely work? because i just bought some and im praying that it will work. ive tried everything and i just need something because im tired of lookig in the mirror and crying so does this product truely work? and for moderatley-severe acne?

      1. I am an adult and have suffered from acne my entire life. I have been on Accutane, used proactive, had microdermabrasion and lots of topical solutions. The only thing that worked wonders was Accutane but after you’ve been off it for a while, your acne comes back, and it’s really not good for you so I have not gone back on it.
        I was doing some research on line to find a natural supplement I could take and I came across Pantothen. I was nervous to purchase it, as I’ve seen way too many people scammed by online ordering products. I didn’t know what else to do so I went ahead and ordered three bottles enough for three months, as it was a really good deal and their return policy was guaranteed. I started taking it with little expectations, but I am so glad I did, after only 1 month my skin is perfect!!! My skin has not been this good since I was on Accutane, it even got rid of my blackheads! Everyone who has acne has to try this, it is the natural cure, I never thought I would have good skin again. I have had no side effects except more confidence!

          1. no you would only take one in the morning one at lunch and one when you get dinner and one befor bed

        1. Krista, when you stop taking the pills your acne came back like accutane or you don´t need to continue taking the pills?

        2. Hi Krista,

          I wasnt sure about Pantothen given the other posts saying it didnt work and was a waste of money, until I read your post, and I can relate to every detail of your struggle with acne. Its as if I wrote your post myself.

          After having tried everthing, Accutane, Proactive, skin lasers, antibiotics and litterally 30+ topical products over the years. Finally Pantothen so far looks like it is working to get rid of my acne. I’m only 2.5 weeks into the treatment, but even the blackheads on my nose are starting to disappear.

          I did notice in the second week of treatment that I started to a get some noticable breakouts, at that stage I thought it wasnt working. But the end of the second week and into the third, my skin just keeps getting better. Fingers crossed this trend continues. I’ll provide more updates in the ensuing weeks.


        3. hi Krista
          Thanks you for your review. I have been looking for something to help my partner but didn’t want him to try roaccutane (Australian version of accutance) as i used this myself and had some really horrible side effects that i am still suffering from, even though i took the medication almost six years ago.
          I will be ordering this product and hope the results are as good as yours. Hope it keeps working for you and i’m glad you now have more confidence in yourself, again thank you.

      2. hi i bought this product over a month ago..i swear by this skin looks a feel better..i hated looking in the mirror,been afraid to leave the house because my acne was so bad around the chin area..i wud highly recommend this,but u cant jus take it one day and forget about it the nexted day…wont work..this does work..!!!

    3. I’ve ordered Pantothen on the 30th of March 2012, it’s now the 17th of April 2012 and i still did not receive it. I’ve red the preview on late delivery, if it is a US Company why do they have an S.A web site address (it ends withe “” and not ” .com”which is usually at the end of US web address’ Also the delivery states it will take between 4-8 days- if that is SO impossible then it shouldn’t be advertised like that! they do not have contact details on the web site and they do not respond to emails sent.

      1. Hi Sonia

        I am also in SA. My order only came after 7weeks.
        As far as results go…. well nothing to awesome yet.
        My skin is definitely better but I still have weekly breakouts
        I wich you all the best in your fight …

        1. Wow 7 weeks. Why is the delivery so long? Do they make the product on order? I wish my money could have remained in my bank for 7 weeks then when it’s shipped they bill you. Oh well here’s hoping that it will be 7 weeks and nothing additional.

          1. Hi
            Just updating on delivery. I received my package today, purchased on the 25th July 12 received today 24th August so 30 days. So that wasn’t too bad. I’m just relieved that I didn’t get ripped off was very sceptical on the reviews.
            Here is hoping that the product does make a little difference.

      2. yep, I also waited for 3 weeks, it takes a lot of time. I wrote an email to complain, but they never replied. Geeze….Very terrible customer service, you can ask your bank for a refund, the banker would help…

    4. I have mild to moderate acne on occasions. I have been using pantothen for 2 weeks and have noticed considerable improvements. This is the first time i am writing a review for anything! this is how much i believe in this product.
      i have been on all the antibiotics and after a while IT WILL no longer be effective. Do not keep taking that stuff!
      I would say give it a try and see what it does. Unfortunately i do not think this will work for everyone. That’s just the way some things go.
      Looking at other factors i eat rather healthily and venture into the sun for no longer then 15 mins and try to watch my stress levels.
      The beginning of dosage of panothen is 4 pills a day. I would start with that then bring it down to three then two.
      So again this is working for me and i hope it works for you.

    5. I purchased Pantothen in the summer. I have had acne for almost 15 years. I was pretty excited to read about it, as for the most part, it had really good reviews. I was interested to see the results and pretty excited. I purchased 3 months because I know my situation is unique and i wanted to give it the best chance to do its thing.

      I am roughly 15 days away from taking Pantothen for a full three months, 4 times a day. At this point, there has been absolutely zero difference in my skin. Its pretty disappointing, but it is what it is. I am not going to go after the money back guarantee thing because I could care less about the money. Just disappointed.

      Whatever pantothen remedies, it doesnt remedy whatever my sources of acne are.

  2. Pantothen pills do not work at all. BOGUS. but at least i didnt pay for it myself, an ex did so I wasnt too upset, just another hyped up let-down.

  3. Terrible.i purchased pantothen online about 2 months ago and still have not received the tablets,neither did i get any feedback from the company.I have paid for 1 bottle as well as shipping fee.I get no response when I email sales@pantothen or should i say I get a generated response all the time,the same message. does anyon know how else i can get my money back as i dont want the tablets ore,i am tired of waiting. please help.

    1. just go to your credit card company and claim they will bring back your money including interest for the money you paid..but make sure you have enough to prove you did not received the products.

    2. Yeah it does take a while it took me 1 month for my first bottle but it depends where you are Like I live in Australia so it took around 1-2 months just give it a couple more weeks if it doesn’t arrive go to the site and talk to the shipping customer service.

  4. Sorry about your horrible experience with this company 🙁

    I also placed an order exactly TWO MONTHS AGO. The order was never received and was shipped to another state! My multiple emails & phone calls were also never returned. Panthothen finally responded AFTER my credit card company got involved. ‘THE DELIVERY DEPT WAS UNABLE TO DELIVER MY PACKAGE (I live in NJ) THEREFORE, WE HAVE DECIDED TO REFUND YOUR ORDER. According to the credit card people this company sells fireworks and items as such. BUYER BEWARE!

    Dispute the charge with your credit card company & file a complaint online. I’ll never know how the product rates because these people run a questionable operation!

    Order it on Amazon through someone else – prompt delivery – Good Luck with the refund & your skin 🙂

  5. Unfortunately I am in the same position like Sarika, placed an order three weeks ago, and NO REAPLY, NO PRODUCT AND NO MONEY BACK!! aLSO WANNA FIND OUT HOW TO GET HOLD OF SOMEONE IN PANTOTHEN….DIDNT LOOK LIKE IT, BUT CLEARLY ITS A SCAM!!!!

  6. I am 58 yrs old. I have taken pantothen for almost a month. I had severe huge knots with pus,that went deep and some were sore. They have nearly stopped since taking pantothen.I had a small one pop up yesterday. But,that is nothning compared to what was happening.I don’t know if pantothen works ror every kind of ache problem,but I would give it a try,and there is a money back guarentee. I received mine in a week.I wrote this review to try and help someone.I am not receiving anything from anyone.I to am sckepital of reviews about products.but this is my honest opinion.

    1. To Marsha – I’m 53 years old and coping with the same adult acne like you. Received my package in a week. I have been taking Pantothen faithfully 4x a day since November 12, 2011. My acne seems to worsen. My question to you: Did your acne become worse while using the product or did it start clearing up after a month?

      1. Marsha your having an initial breakout..very very very normal..Basically pantothen is high high doses of Vitamin b5 (pantothenic acid) it works while your taking it by stopping your sebacious glands from producing oil and it dries you out everywhere except where sebaciosu do not exist like the sole of your feet and palms of your hands
        this is your body forcing out any extra sebum (oil) through your pores and is apart of the cleansing process…its normal and it means its working

        read about Vitamin b5 megadosing for acne and you will see its the same thing as pantothen
        this will deplete you of your other b vitamins including Vitamin H(b7) Biotin..Biotin neeeds to be taken in 5000 mg doses which are cheap little pills and will make sure your hair doesnt fall out while on pantothena nd your nails do not become brittle and falling off

        You must take askin multivitamin i suggest Natures Bounty Hair, skin and nails its amazing causes your body to grow STRONG hair and STRRONNNGER nails

        this will work but you need to elliminate dairy, caffeine and anything that triggers your sebacious glands to produce oil over a prolonged period of time

        1. Hey Ryan, are you a doctor? Or do you just play one on TV? Why don’t we all just buy vitamin B5 and save our money from the snake oil salesmen?

  7. I ordered since the 3rd of November and till now the 15th of November, am still waiting for my order. I am in South Africa and the phone number on their site is not working 0800 983 561. I will give them another 1 week and if no delivery, I will charge back

    1. Youre in south africa??? the guys from pantothem are probably in the US(most likely) how do you expect to receive your order in less than 15 days??? sometimes it takes up to like a month even if youre in the US.

    2. hey i don’t know if you guys are on the rite web site or not but i called the number and was able to talk to a (LIVING PERSON) within five seconds of pressing the call button. The phone number i called was 1-888-836-7759. good luck.

    3. Hi John

      I am also in South Africa and am really nervous to try this product due to scams, has yours been delivered as of yet?


    4. I think this is a huge scam, as i also ordered Pantothen 30th of March 2012, send them an email on the 4th of April 2012, receive NO reply, they do not have contact details on their website either, it’s now the 17/04/2012 – still nothing! I’m going to report them!

        1. How long did it take for them to deliver as I am in Australia? 29 days have passed now? Silly me assumed it was based in Australia because of the site, and delivery said between 5-8 days but false advertising I guess. I would have been more understanding if they stated the true facts.
          I have emailed but I still have no reply very disappointed with the service.

          1. Received delivery today. So 30 days too deliver. I am just so relieved that they did indeed send it. Thanks

          2. It took my son about 3 to 4 weeks to receive 3 bottles. We are in Australia as well. Keep sending them emails and phone them as well.

  8. I purchased on the 9/11/2011 and i am still waiting for the delivery. I live in South Africa and the toll free number is not available.

    1. I also ordered mine on the 10th and nothing has been delivered yet. i did manage to get through once an they said the maximum delivery time is 30days. but i wont be around as i will be on holiday and no one will receive the parcel. thats if it delivered at all.

  9. Just started 2 days ago, 4 tablets a day (I think one in the morning and one about every 4 hrs. after that. I have nodule type acnes (big and painful) that like to grow along the neck as well as random flares of pastules on the face (mostly the check and chin).

    Will let you know if Pantothen works in about a months time.

    1. Hi Dragoon – Have you had any luck with Pantothen? Seems like just another scam, but I’m always looking for something to help with my acne.

  10. I also just started Pantothen 2 days ago and noticed that my acne got noticeably worse. Such as; painfully sensitive skin (for example: even just the pressure of my t-shirt on my back had a stinging feeling) which i had been relieved from for a while before taking pantothen from just drinking enough water. Also an itchy irritation came over my body which i dont usually get unless I exercise inside. but i think the itchiness is from the niacin within the product.

    But anyways I read some people’s testimonies on this forum who had a very similar acne case as me (Krista and Matt). I’ve suffered from cystic acne (swollen red bumps relatively big some with puss) all over my chest, shoulder, neck, and back for 7 years. What is hopeful is that all the people who have similar severe cases had their acne nearly or completely heal within a month. It’s funny I can’t even remember the last time my skin wasn’t covered with blister like bumps and experimenting with this product is well worth it.

    Plus I noticed a lot of Pantothen customers on this blog, forum or whatever your supposed to call it, didn’t even get the product they payed for, so I better lick my bottles clean in honor of them. So I’ll post my results of prolonged usage within a month for those who got their order and have a similar start to the product as I did.

    Also I have a question for the success stories. Does Pantothen also work on acne scars?

    1. Daniel, try a small drop of bio-oil morning and night on cleansed skin. I’ve found this reduced scars on my face

  11. My package has just been delivered. if you in SA it should be delivered to nearest post office and not at your door. I called the number on last week instead of and explained the situation. No sure if this is a coincidence. but either way i will try it and let you know. i would rather it didnt work than make my skin worse. if you want a refund for non delivery, contact your bank. the may get you your money back. i know NEDBANK had explained the process to me and i was going to complete the necessary paer work today. but i got a notice from the post office notifying me of the parcel.


    1. Hi Dee.

      Can you please let us know how long you waited for your order.
      Also if you are noticing any change. All the best with your skin.

      ps. Sterkte.

  12. I wat to order it but you guys scared me off now .. I dont have many problems with skin but I just want to get rid of them anyway. IF YOU ARE REALLY SUFFERING OF ACNE TRY OUT ‘EXPOSED’! it is very expensive, however, it does really work over 95% seen improvement.

  13. I just ordered mine today i hope that it actually shows up and is not a scam and let alone work bt i will keep you guys updated…

  14. I just ordered it and I have high expectations! I have lots of acne on my face and I really am hoping for great results! I just ordered it on monday, and got it by thursday so ordering was no problem for me

  15. From reading everyone’s comments, i think u guys should make sure ur on the right site for ur country when ur trying to call them up.

    i juz stumbled across this product, i’ve tried other solutions, but the acne juz reappears after i stop. So i’m really hoping pantothen will work.

    1. Is it working so far? I want to order the product but the reviews on this site are leaving me skeptical. Thank you.

  16. I agree with Sue, make sure you guys are on the right site before ordering. I ordered my supply from NOT the UK site. I ordered on 12/8/2011 and recieved my package on 12/12/2011. Also, when I called (just to make sure my ordered processed) a rep answered after only about 2-3 rings and was very kind and helpful. I’m going to start my first pills today, 12/13/2011, and will update once I start seeing results. Hope this works!

    1. hi Tara.. Just want to ask about the result of Pantothen. I want to give a try but some reviews here make me doubt. wanna ask you from your experience using it..thanks

  17. Just Put in an order today! kinda skeptcal. I’ve tryed Lots of differernt creams and home remides for my skin and nothing as worked or worked for a time being but only to find it to come back even ! I’ve had acne scince I was 13 and now I’m 23. I really hope this stuff works. I’ll be keeping you updated to tell you my progress!

  18. I am using pantothen since 1 month now,and does not see any positive effect.
    I will continue for another month and see if it makes a difference.
    For people who tried Pantathon , how many days it took to clear up the skin.
    I have harmonal acne just around my chin area.

    1. Me too. Just acne around chin area, been taking pantothen for a month, no major effect as still getting new breakouts almost everyday!!!
      Will finish the left over two bottles …hoping it will work one day 🙁

  19. I just received my package earlier this week. I was still skeptacle about it and so I’ve been reading reviews online. Some reviews are scary and some incouraging. I just took my first pill this morning so hopefully it works. I’ll keep you guys updated. The pills are huge. I ordered in the beginning of December and received my package on the 13th, I live in Hawaii. I have acne on my cheeks as well as blackheads.

  20. I have been an acne sufferer for ten years now (i;m 25) and nothing seems to work, it is now the worst it has ever been with large swollen spots underneath the skin on my jaw line plus white heads, black head. I just don’t know what to do about it anymore. anyhow I stumbled upon an ad for Panothen and clicked on the link for the Panothen website and decided to start googline if it is any good. I came across a website and it mentioned about getting Panototenic acid from Holland & Barret has anybody tried this method? I would be grateful of any feedback!

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Why don’t you try following the methods outlined on this site: supplement with zinc, vitamin b complex, and boron. Go to sleep at the same time every night (10-11pm), sleep for > 8.5 hours, get as much daily sun exposure as possible, and eat no sugar/flour/alcohol/etc.

      That is guaranteed to help if not completely solve your problem.

    2. Hi Andrea;

      I am 32 years-old from Ontario, Canada and I have been suffering acne since I was 26 years-old (adult acne). I went to a naturopathic doctor (I don’t believe in Dermatologist solutions since they don’t treat the root cause) and one of the main reasons my naturopathic doctor told me I have acne is because I was on the birth control pill, which I learned is horrible for your body and female hormones (though “they” say it’s safe) and after I got off the pill, my doctor set up a regime to get my hormone levels back to normal. During that time, I also did the following:

      Completely Removed from my Diet/Lifestyle:
      – Dairy
      – Red Meat
      – Fast food
      – White sugar (did my very best but slipped)
      – Soda Pop
      – Caffeine (Coffee, Tea, Chocolate)
      – Shampoo that contained SLS or any sulfates.
      – Make up that contained parabens, talc and other harmful ingredients.
      – Chlorine water (shower water)
      – Smoking.

      Added to my Diet/Lifestyle:
      – Green Leafy vegetables.
      – Water (2L/day).
      – Coconut Water.
      – More fruits and veggies.
      – Natural/Organic make up.
      – Soft water (shower water).
      – Pantothen supplements.
      – Omega 3 DHA supplements.
      – Exercise such as Yoga.
      – Meditation.

      The list of things my doctor gave me seemed nearly impossible to do at the the time since I would have had to end my bad habits and also how I lived but I was desperate and would have stood on my head 20x/day if I was told my acne would clear up. So I started her recommended regime (very slowly) and once I had replaced all of my bad habits with good habits my skin virtually cleared up (approx. 6-months) and I also gained a more healthier lifestyle too. I still get the occasional acne flare ups (during that time of the month) and that’s why I started taking Pantothen and I now have clear skin all month. My doctor told me that I could only take Pantothen IF I first changed my lifestyle first. She told me that there is no such thing as a taking a magic pill or cream because they are all only temporary relief and you need to get to the root cause of the problem.

      One of the most informative things my doctor told me is due to the Western diet, many more people are suffering from acne as early as babies to the elderly and the reason for this is from processed and fast foods, lack of body movement (i.e. exercise), drugs (example: birth control pills, Tylenol, sleeping pills, etc.) and make up.

      Trust me, I just gave you a quick version of what I did to clear up my acne but prior to this, I have read every acne book, e-book, website, blogs … I’ve spent thousands of dollars (not exaggerating) on miracle acne products and nothing worked for me.

      You need to start healing your body from the inside-out first before you can expect anything to work effectively and that includes Pantothen.

      If you need further clarification on anything I mentioned, please don’t hesitate to ask.


      1. Honestly, after doing a lot of research before even hearing abuot Pantothen or any other natural supplement acne formulas, I knew I had to change my lifestyle first. I was eating very unhealthy (little to no veggies) just meat, bread and dairy mostly. I have to change and I will change.

        I think Jenny is onto the right idea and everyone should follow it if they want to cure acne. I’m going to start a paleo diet (no bread, dairy, sugar and fat) and work from there. I will also be taking Vitamin B5, Zinc and other pathothen supplements.

        I’m a bit skeptical about these acne products because of all of the scams going on. Plus, like Jenny said, there is no product that will work very efficiently without changing the things you are doing in your lifestyle to cause the acne in the first place.

        Before reaching for your wallet and buying any product, look at ways diet can affect your acne.

        I would love to try Pantothen; but I’m going to be patient and save some money, and get my life in order first.

      2. Hi Jenny,

        This is interesting information…
        And it sounds like it is too good ot be true!
        I agree that the western diet is damaging and during my 6 months of travelling around asia i had a diet rich in fruit and vegetables very organic. No refined sugar, no bread, no starchy foods. I couldn’t find any products for acne (didn’t see any SE asian people with acne either..) so i used organic facial washes or just water as i didn’t wear any make up.
        I wasn’t on the pill either .
        With plenty of vitamins, minerals and sun light my acne started to clear up. After a few months though it came back with a vegeance.
        Nothing since has cleared it back up the pill/diet/creams/facials/6 months of microdermabrasion/herbal pills.
        I honestly think it’s dow to hormones, as during that time of the month it is a lot worse, but never truly goes away.
        I just don’t think some of us are able to have airbrush like skin 🙁

      3. Hi Jenny, and thanks very very much for your very informative post. It couldn’t be any more clearer and true, it makes complete sense and it’s unfortunate so many people have to suffer due to lack of information and misguided false information from so many other resources especially your own doctor or specialist. I truly believe that with self discipline and enough hard work and effort that this does truly work. You have to fully understand and make sense of the ROOT cause and it all start’s somewhere? so people look at what your putting into your bodies on a daily basis and ask yourself does this make sense? no wonder I have acne. If you start from the inside and start taking better care of your inside it will show on the outside period no question about it. So do your homework and stop listening to all those false leading promoters and doctors and take control yourself and you can win this battle with your stubborn unforgiving acne.Jenny thanks again for all the info and I really hope this helps, cause I know how it feels, and it sucks badly, so I do hope that people get this and LISTEN, hopefully it does help, I just started changing my diet and exercising slowly, but I know this is what truly works, it’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it afterwards, I’ll keep you all posted, and let you know how it goes! Day 1 June 10-2012, Paul.

    3. Hi Andrea, well I know how you feel,

      I have had acne for about 10 years now too..but Im getting better.
      I started getting breakouts on my back about age 10, that time of my life was hugely stressful due to my family situation. I then started getting acne on my face at 15 which again was at the same time as a very traumatic time in my life and have had consistent minor acne since then.

      They say its an over production of testosterone in the adrenal glands making the Androgen body type more prone to acne (The body shaping diet, Dr Sandra Cabot)
      And the Adrenal glands go into over production when we are stressed. And this can be a very minor stress that we are not even aware of, like feeling let down, disapointed, bored with life. So Im sure these two things are linked.

      While the book advises the correct foods for your body type and other recommendations like…

      =Go on a birth control pill that blocks the excess testosterone production
      =Hormone replacement therapy which corrects the levels of male hormones that are produced
      =Follow the Body shaping diet for Android women/men that limits fatty, salty foods and red meat (only eaten occasionally)

      I also went to a naturopath who used a technique to find out exactly what my body was deficient in and made up a herbal medicine for me (instead of taking random vitamins) I am also seeing an energy healing lady about resolving stressful issues in my life and am feeling better about my self everyday and my skin is getting better.

      Next Im going to try the derma roller (which clearly works) to get rid of scarring
      So…big things happening, but yeah just thought Id let you know what it took in the end to finally get my skin back to normal, dont think a pill in a bottles gonna do it in the long run.


  21. Pantothen users , please let me if it is worth continuing the pills after a month period is there any hope to get results in next few weeks?


  22. I have really really oily skin and I think that is one of the main reasons I have acne still (I am 20 years old). I was wondering if those of you who have had satisfying results have had oily skin too. And if those of you who had bad experiences with it had not so oily skin. I really just want my oil gone and that’s why pantothen caught my attention.. Let me know!

  23. i have been taking pantothen for about 3 weeks now and i am starting to see
    that my skin and face are starting to clear up i am also puting on my face perrigo benzyol peroxide %10 and i have started to work out oh yeah drink alot of water

  24. Hi all.

    I have taken pantothen for a month now. the fist couple of weeks i could have sworn i was seeing results. but then i left to Mozambique for another two and a half weeks and i didnt drink as much water as i did when as i was home, then my acne just got worse. I dont think the weather helped much either as it was xtremly hot. the sun was hush. i did use sun block but it provoked my skin to be oily. so i dont think it would be fair to say i havent seen any results. let me get back to you guys a month from now.

    I ordered on the 10th of Nov and received my package on the 10th of Dec.

    Rampi, i think you should complete the treatment if after 90day the is still no change ask for you refund. remember to drink plenty of water and cut down on suger.

    I learnt that for every kilo you weight you must drink 300ml of water. i weight 50kg a drink a minimum of 1.5L of water a day.

  25. I’m already disappointed with this company. I ordered on Jan. 2nd thru their site (aka Nathan’s Naturals) and paid extra for the express delivery (2-3 days)…well, it’s Saturday then14th and still no delivery. When I called them (I’ve already called 3 times), I kept getting someone named Gayle who took my calls. She took my phone number and said someone would call me back. They never did. I swear, I think this is some basement operation and Gayle’s the only employee there. They let me down and my son down as he’s been impatiently waiting for “help to arrive” for his acne. Not to mention, I feel like I’m out of $50 and I’ve been ripped off. Also, repeated emails have not been responded to. Just know that you’re taking your chances when you order from this company.

    1. Hey Tara

      I also ordered through Nathan’s Naturals. It took up to 6/8 weeks before I received my order. Just as I thought this is a scam, my order came. So it does take a very long time. Just be patient. I also send weekly emails to complain and never received a reply. But now I have my order and they also threw in a free deep wash lotion. Now just waiting to see if it works.

      My acne wasn’t so bad to begin with, and mainly only on my chin. So I’m just taking one pill a day and it seems to help. But I also just stopped with birth control so my hormones are all jacked up anyway.

      Good luck, I hope you will receive your pills sooner rather than later.

  26. I’ve been taking pantothen for 2 weeks now and see no positive effects. I’ll give you news in a couple of weeks but honestly, I no longer think there’ll be a miracle.

  27. Hi All,

    After reading the reviews on Pantothen , i decided not to order any as the reviews seemed very hit and miss. and knowing my luck it would have been a miss!
    Since the New year (you know new years resolutions and everything) I decided to start taking my skin care more seriously, this problem wasn’t going away just getting worse.

    I have been using Zineryt dabber religiously every night and trying to eat a more healthy lifestyle. I have recently cut out dairy and sugar and a slice of bread has not passed my lips for an entire 5 days! within 7 days I noticed a difference, the acne was still there but it was definitley less angry and red looking. I am going to persevere with my current skin care regime and try and cut alcohol out altogther.
    I really recommend trying to cut certain foods out, I also track my acne by taking pictures of it on my digital camera so i can monitor the results properly!
    I will keep you all updated.

    Stay positive guys! x x x x

  28. I have been an acne sufferer for nearly 20 years and like Jenny it started after I came off the birth control pill. I have tried everything. I started to see a chinese accupuncturist early 2011 who put me on a detox diet and this seem to work. He said that alcohol, white flour and refined sugars are the contributor to my acne. But the acne came back as I soon as I finished the detox.

    Then I went to Italy in September 2011 for 3 weeks and lived on pasta, pizza, red wine, white wine and spritz. I drank and ate everything I wasn’t suppose too. It was 30 degrees everyday and by the end of the trip my acne had completely cleared up. I couldn’t understand it. I did think that being out in the sun everyday on walking tours might have helped as I am not usually a person who gets out in the sun and after reading your article about melatonin I believe this must have been the cure. My clear skin lasted nearly a month when I got home.

    I saw an advertisement for Pantothen and ordered it Dec 8 2011. I paid extra for quick delivery as well. After 10 days I rang the company as I had not received my order and like everyone else they advised a sales person would call. I rang twice and still no one returned my call. I sent an email and just after christmas I received an email from them advising I had to wait 30 days before I can advise them of failed delivery. After 32 days the product arrived. I have been on it for a week now and have not noticed any difference yet. Time will tell.

  29. Hey as much as diet playing an important role to clearing up your skin, exercise is also a bigfactor to clear your skin. If you have a vechile just drive to your local gym in the mornings or go for a jog around the park. The most important thing is to eleminate all factors, just the little things may help your skin improve.

    Things to do:
    Drink as much water as you can
    Get a good amount of sleep(8 hours+)
    Relieve stress from you system (Medidate-Yoga-Reading)
    Wash your pillow case and make your bed everday
    Eat a healthy diet
    Eat untill your not hungry, not untill your full

    Things not to do:
    Avoid harsh cheimicals and prouducts, soap based on your face, (Use a natural product such as; tea tree oil, totara oil. Do not use moisturizer unless neccesary.
    If using moisturizer use a non cosmedic or does not clog pores moisturizer
    Exfoliate your skin atleast once a week, natural method is to mix sugar and water together and apply on your face, leave dry for about 5 mins then rinse.
    Avoid Ice cream and dairy products, dairy products have many hormones that can acne.
    Avoid swimming in swimming pools, chlorine is bad for your skin and your hair. If you do make sure you take a shower as chlorine is a base substance.

    Tip: Go to the sauna and steam room 3 times a week, this will rejunivate your skin and help you internally. Remember acne is caused from factors in our body, the harsh chemicals and scrubs you use on your face will only make things worse and yet dry out your face.

    Important: Avoid prouducts such as Clean and Clear, Clearasil, Nutreogeina, these companies are false leading the consumers and is a mutli billionaire project.

  30. It worked for me… a liitle bit.

    I took it for 2 weeks around. I indeed worked for me a little bit. Why didnt I take it longer? because I feel bad to take 4 pills a day… it’s big pills… and I feel my body weak during that period. So i ate it 3 times a day… and stopped using it for a while. I just fear something bad would happend to me.. lol if you dont care about the money.. have a try.

  31. My shipment has just arrived! After calling Pantothen 3 times the tracking order site says my purchase is still shipping, i have recived it. It took 3 1/2 weeks, and it does come from the UK and not the US! Really hoping this works! i have no face acne but moderate back acne, just want it to be gone by summertime so giving it the whole 3 months! You dont even pay for shipping when you buy 3 months supply, so i dont see why everyones complaning!

  32. Also one more thing, from the user before me. Cleasil acne mask+fash wash, the pink and blue one does work! i used to break out alot on my face and now im clear because i use it once a day to take off my make up and then do a mask sometimes, however clean and clear does NOT work!!

  33. I don’t know if I should purchase Pantothen or pantothenic acid pills from Holland Barrett. Any suggestions??
    (I would really appreciate a quick reply as I am getting married in 3 months and my face is breaking out like mad!)

  34. Tried this for a few months and it seemed to work, then all of a sudden it stopped working! My skin is worse than ever. I emailed Pantothen about this and got some silly reply copied and pasted from the Web site. I asked for another reply and have heard nothing since!

  35. Hi Chloe,

    I think some people do tend to try other means of taking pantothenic acid, and I think the real difference lies in the dosages… If you were to take the same amount of pantothenic acid in a day (around 10g) using pills from say Holland & Barrett, you’d need to take 20 pills (20x500mg). Which means 5 pills, four times a day… A bit of a pain. I think Pantothen condenses a higher dosage into one pill, so you only need to take 4 pills in a day.

    Aside from that, I don’t suppose there’s much difference. Whatever you decided to go with, good luck! And congratulations on the wedding 🙂

  36. Just reporting back after 3 1/2 months my acne has gotten a lot better. I do not get as much nodule type acne (big and painful) and the random flares of pastules on the face as often.

    I’d have nodule acne all over my neck previously but now I am getting 1-2 every few weeks which is vast improvement. Also, my pastules do not appear in groups all over my face. I still get them but not as severe.

    I started noticing a difference after 2 months. The 1st month I did not really notice any difference at all. For some it may well work after a week or 2, but it all depends on the person. Give pathothen a try, I do not regret making the purchase and I am about to order 3 more months worth of supply (2 get 1 free). Hopefully, it will clear up my skin. No more nodules please!

  37. I have had acne for a long time now, 5 years i think (i am 14).
    The past few weeks its beginning to get better, but i want to get rit of the last blemishes!
    I have a dry and sensitive skin, and i have heard that the pills dry out your skin?
    I really want to know if it works! Please help!

  38. I ordered this product in August of 2011 and I paid express delivery. I rang them after a few days and someone got my number and promised to call me back which they never did! I rang them about 5 more times and then I emailed them severally but I got no response so I gave up. My product was finally delivered in December of 2011. I have used up a whole bottle that lasted one month but no result,my acne got worse!!!

    It maybe work for others but did work for me,and the service I got was totally poor! It took 4 months to be delivered and I live in U.K

  39. Hi All
    I’ve been taking Pantothen for 2 months solid and my acne has got a lot worse since taking this product. My facial skin is very itchy and dry and the breakouts have become worse. It’s great that this product has worked for so many people but I think I’m one of those unfortunate people that it hasn’t worked for. I’m in my forties and stopped the birth control pill three months ago so may be my system isn’t reacting to a vitamin very well and needs something stronger. Good luck to you guys – I hope it works for you!

  40. It didn’t work for me. After 1 week, acne seemed to get less bumpy and I had no new breakouts but then on the second week it got bad. Skin became dry and itchy, on top I started breaking out even more than i was before taking the pantothen.Third week I had so many new breakouts I had to stop taking the pills. Hopefully I can still return the bottles. Oh and delivery took 1 month also from UK to US even though was promised in 3 days.
    Also, for those who still want to try the product, google up promo codes. I found one fro 20 % off, so it wasn’t that painful of an expense.

  41. I have been suffering with acne for about three years(I’m 16). I have tried everything, drinking lots of water, I have been using proactive for 2 years, countless face masks, face washes, face peels, clearasil, clean and clear, the makeup I wear is the “Neutrogena SkinClearing oil free makeup” (i believe this makeup has really helped in not clogging my pores like other liquid foundations were doing) drinking green tea, giving up sugar, changing my pillow case, the Zeno Hot spot(which I do recommend for spot treatments, but does not prevent future breakouts) even a blue light system(this has DEFINITELY helped with acne scars). I am so tired of acne and just want to get rid of it. All these other things I have tried, I feel like aren’t truly getting to the root of the problem, which is the overproduction of sebum and oil beneath the skin. I have considered going on birth control, but have read that it often, more times then not makes it worse. I stumbled across Pantothen and have decided to give it a try since i am hoping that it will combat acne from within and get to the root of the problem. I ordered one bottle today, and am going to try it for a month to see if I see any results, if I do, I will then order the three bottles. ALSO BIG TIP, WHEN YOU GO TO ORDER AND IT GIVES YOU THE OPTION TO ENTER IN A COUPON CODE< I SIMPLY LOOKED UP "PANTOTHEN COUPONS" AND FOUND A WEBSITE WITH CODES, THEN BEST CODE WHICH GAVE ME 25% PERCENT OFF ON THE ORDER WAS "Panto25" AND I SAVED $10 DOLLARS WHICH PAID FOR A FASTER SHIPPING AND HANDLING. I hope that helps with anyone ordering or considering purchasing this product. The product should arrive in three days and I really hope it works, I will update after the first week and from there on. I hope my advice has helped with anyone like me, who wants acne gone for GOOD!

  42. I have been taking Pantothen for two weeks now and my skin is way worse than before! It is MORE OILY, and I broke out with CYSTIC ACNE on my chin and new pimples every day. I know that Biotin causes cystic acne, however I did not realize this product contained biotin until I looked at the ingredients. I thought I would give it a chance because I read a lot of good reviews, but instead my face is worse and the cystic acne is so painful and taking forever to heal. I am now taking antibiotics to get rid of it. And I plan on getting my money back!!!

  43. I have been on Pantothen for 5 weeks now and I haven’t noticed any difference. My skin is breaking out in blackheads and don’t know what to do anymore.

    I bought a 3 month supply and will continue to take them until my supply is finished. I hope I’ll see results soon as I’m tired of breaking out @ 27yrs.

    I can’t remember the last time I had a clear skin and I want that back. I always wear my hair long to cover my face. Pantothen please work!

  44. try tetracyklier . only thing that helps for me. some bad stumic now and then but i can live with that . thats the best thing for most people to get rid of acne .

  45. When in my teens I suffered from severe acne on my face chest and back. I used accutane which worked miracles. However, accutane is incredibly bad for you so I have resisted using it again. I no longer have severe acne, just a bit on my cheeks and chin. I used proactive for a couple years and it worked well, unfortunately it stopped working for me. Then I moved on to Pantothen. I have been taking it for 2 months now and noticed absolutely NO DIFFERENCE! My skin actually IMPROVED when I STOPPED taking it. Do not buy this product. Not only is it very inconvenient to take 4 pills a day at spaced out intervals but it is a complete fraud.

  46. I was not sure about buying this product but it clearly not going to work for me in many ways. I want to see quick result and it’s I am not going to get it if I have to wait 1-2 months for a product I am already skeptical about. Oh well Guess I’ll just have to rely on the teen meds that they sell at the stores… Anyone have any suggestions. Been dealing with this since I was 12. I’m 27 now. Like seriously WTF, right?!!!

  47. I live in N.Ireland and when I purchased three bottles of Pantothen they arrived within 1-2 weeks so that was okay.
    What I’ve been wondering though, has anyone experienced ANY side effects? I’ve tried researching any possible ones and all my searches have told me there are none. But I’ve noticed some changes recently. As graphic as it may seem, I find myself needing to go to the bathroom a lot more. It’s like a constant feeling of urgently needing to go. I’ll not go into much more detail, I was just curious to know if anyone else has been experiencing this?
    Also, I’ve found it difficult to take 4 tablets at different times every day so I take all four at the same time, is this bad? I’ve never been a huge fan of tablets either so I crush all four of them up and mix them into some water or juice and just drink that instead. Will this affect my results?
    I’ve been taking these tablets sort of on and off for about 2-3 weeks and I haven’t seen much change, if anything I’ve seen the common worsening breakout but I’m not too worried about that.

    If anyone has any advice or answers, please please please reply to this, I’ve got so many unanswered questions!

    1. you need to take them at different times of the day, and your costant urge to pee is probably because you are mixing them with drinks. You need to take them every day to work otherwise you will confuse your body

  48. I’ve been taking pantothen for about 3 weeks now, im not through the first bottle yet.
    For me, i feel like it has helped with oil production and whiteheads. Not so much for deeper blemishes. I feel like it’s definitely helping, and i hope the longer i take it the more result i will see!
    I don’t mind taking it four times a day, but the size of the pills are a bit annoying. I might start crushing them up & blending them into a healthy fruit & veggie smoothie!
    I definitely think it’s worth a try, if nothing else the B6 & B12 vitamins will give you a little boost of energy to face the day if you’re having a break out. :]
    p.s. Drink lots of water! it’s helped so much for me

  49. I’m 37 years old and have been fighting acne since puberty. I’ve read all the comments and have tried all the products mentioned above, as well. I’m on my 2nd month of Pantothen and I feel its so inconvenient taking 4 (horse sized) pills 4x’s a day but I’ll try anything. Like everything else, it seemed like it was working after the first mth and now that I’m on month #2 it looks like my skin is going right back to its old habits. I have a few pimples now along with the same amount of black heads as I had before. Everyone’s skin type is different, for some of us it looks like we’ll be fighting acne for the rest of our lives but I’m not ready to give up the fight. I will finish this bottle and maybe buy the 2 get 1 free on the next purchase and if no changes after 5mths than I will stop. I’m going to give this a longer chance than I’ve given other products only because I don’t know what else to use. My next test will be to do microdermabrasion. Good luck to all!

    1. Hi,i would not try microdermabrasion – i did, in fact i had about 10 sessions, at the beginning the advisor said i would come out in spots as they are coming to the surface – the spots never stopped. not only was it costly but it didnt work and sometimes it felt too harsh.

  50. you shouldnt just rely on pantothen for your acne. you also need to clean your face with a cleanser, and always make sure your face is well hydrated, i started using this product 2 weeks ago as well as cleansing and toning and my face is COMPLETLY clear, it was gotton wid of ALL blemishes and scarring, product only took a week to arrive

  51. I have had acne since i was 18 (im now 29). I had tried alot of things to help get rid of my acne, prescribed medicine, facial scrubs you buy from the shops etc & have been using proactive; which had reduced my acne but not completely got rid of it. I do get the occassional break out, but my skin has now been left with redness & scars. I have decided to try Pantothen to see if it will help with clearing up my skin. I had received my order today. I will be very interested to see if there will be any positive changes to my skin. I will write a post again in a month.

  52. Glad I have read these comments before buying. At least now I know the pills are large. Still not sure about ordering for my teenage son as I am still concerned about side effects (concerned that an unnatural increase of co enzymeA might affect the minimum oil levels necessary for good health) but I will probably give it a shot for 3 months provided my son agrees to take such big pills. I am generally ignorant about acne and most things generally, so hope I will be forgiven (and corrected) if this comment is unhelpful. for those of you who have asked about reducing scarring left by acne, try bio-oil. Just use a small drop on the scars morning and evening after cleansing. I have found this reduced old scars on my face. Hope this may help some of you, although no doubt some may say that adding oil seems a bit strange!

  53. I really don’t think the patothen is working. I’ve had acne for most of my life. I’ve tried just about everything there is, so when I seen pantothen I thought why not. I bought a 3 mupply supply and before I was finished with the first bottle it seemed liked my face had broke out so bad. It seem like I have a million tiny bumps all over now. They seem to be black heads. I am aware that you sometimes brake out when trying something new, but this seems drastic. I’m not sure if I should finish the other 2 bottles. Has anyone else experienced this and did you continue taking the pills or stop? Any feedback would be great.

  54. Hi I am 38 acne sufferer !! have been taking pantothen for 2.5 months and have noticed no difference in my skin if anything i have more blackheads and sore spots aroung my chin and jaw line my wits end but will continue to take my supply for another couple of months. Is this product a case of skin gets worse before better ? if this was the case then great bring it on but I find the web site so hard to get answers from. has anyone else experienced this ? thanks 😉

  55. Hi Folks, im a physician and let me tell you whats happening here. This product is a whole lot of B5 and like any supplement you can get it cheaper generic. There is nothing in the bottle that they have patented or you can’t get otc. The reason is simple, to get anything new passed by the FDA your talking millions of $$ and a supplement under $40 will never bring back the profits for the investment especially when you CAN’T patent a vitamin. The bottom line is yes, this vitamin can cut some oil production but oil production is not causing your pimples. Have you seen people with really oily skin and no pimples, there, that proves my point. No one knows what really causes acne because there is so many variables. However acne and pimples are two different things. Pimples we do know about, you get dead skin cells and other muck in your follicle and oil backs up, bacteria multiplies and you get a red spot called “Pimple”. It does not matter if you have high or low oil production. The question is “why do you get clogs when others dont and why does your follicular walls hold onto these plugs? Who knows but slower oil production may slow the onset of the pimple, but its like fighting bacteria, another issue that does not relate to the cause of the pimple, it may relate to the cause of your disease known as acne, but not the pimple itself.

    Bottom line #2, this is a long term battle so you need to use topical products that are safe to use every day for, well, years. What overdosing on B5 for 3 years will do to you, I don’t know that either, but I wouldn’t want to do it myself. Use the safest products you can find and use them correctly, and drop the magic pill mentality “metaphorically speaking” Acne is like loosing 100 pounds if you obese, you can do it, but keeping it off, thats the problem. Try to live healthy, eat healthy, dont drink, smoke and carry on and use skin care products that are at least safe and please dont use a product just because Justin Beiber does, I have to tell patients this all the time, I say, look at his skin and Katy Perry, surprise, they are paid and they do not have acne!

    Good luck to everyone

  56. I tried this product for one month – it DOES NOT work!

    I bought 3 bottles, used 1, I returned the empty bottle and 2 full bottles of pills, as directed, for their 90-day money back guarantee. Absolutely NO response and no refund. When I call, I get through to a Glasgow Call Centre and am told someone will call me back….NOT happened yet!

    This is a complete scam. I have reported them to Trading Standards and have a file number which I’m advised to give to my bank to get them to file a charge back on my credit card to get my refund.

    I wish I had read this site before I made the purchase. I bought online through their website. I cannot stress enough that this is a complete SCAM and if you buy this product you are just throwing your money away – their 90-day guarantee is 100% FAKE!

  57. Hi all i have been on Pantopthen for 4 weeks now but this is not woking for me at all.
    my face look bad them it was before i started.

  58. Hi i have suffer from acne for many years and i want to know that Does Pantothen is good for me?

  59. Heyheys, I’ve been taking pantothen for about 4 days now. My face has not had any new breakouts within these 4 days, but my acne is still there. I think this product is working for me, but I’m just concerned about the so called “hairloss” you may experience if you overdoes on pantothen? can someone please let me know if this is true?

  60. I have now been taking pantothen for one month now (finished 1 bottle). In the first week I noticed that some of the acne on my face had cleared up. Into the second week I started to breakout mainly on my lower cheeks L/R but also my jawline – cystic acne & I also had redness around the acne. By the third week the acne was more severe & I still got breakouts, but only around my cheeks/jawline. By the fourth week the breakouts appeared to stop, but the acne which was already there had started to dry out & become less severe. I did notice that the redness on my face has reduced a bit. I am still using a facial scrub (Proactive), washing my face twice a day & drinking more water. I will continue taking Pantothen as I purchased 3 months supply, I will write again in another month & advise of my progress/results.

  61. I’m a vegetarian and everytime I email pantothen asking whether it’s veggie or not they either don’t send me an email or send me an email completely off the point! I don’t think I trust this company as they won’t even answer my questions.

  62. JUST BUY PANTOTHENIC ACID FROM A GNC or NUTRITION STORE!!! SAME THING AND WORKS GREAT!!!! all that is mainly in pantothen is pantothenic acid aka Vitamin B5 Ive tried this and it works great

  63. Hi i have a very dry skin type and wondering how much i should take a day? I heard by taking it, it would dry out my skin even more so that wont be good from the sound of it? I was wondering taking 2 or even 1 tablet per day instead of the recommended 4 tablets? Your thoughts please !!!

  64. I have now been taking pantothen tablets for 2 months now, (I have finished my second bottle). Initially I broke out with alot of acne in the first month. As of now I do see a “minor improvement” in clearing up the acne that was mainly on my jaw line. I do however have some further acne scaring where I had thoes initial breakouts.I have also had the odd pimple appear, but they seem to heal quite quickly. I am still drinking alot of water & using proactive face scrub.I am unsure if I will buy any more of the product as I still have one bottle (1x months supply) of the tablets so I will continue to take thoes & will then decide whether to buy more. I will write again after I have completed the 3 months supply, I will then write a final review.

  65. I’ve been having all the acne problems that people have mentioned above. i’am using exposed skin ( it works!! additionally, wash your face as thouroughly as possible morning and night. If you wear makeup daily, use makeup remover, wash with weak acidic soap to remove the makeup completely (i use nuskin facial soap) and then wash with exposed skin soap and finish with cold water and apply exposed skin toner and lotion. And Yes~! it’s better than proactive! I would also recommend pentothenic acid supplement.

  66. Hi there,

    Please can someone help me! I’m so fed up after having adult acne for so long and I have tried everything (except Accutane which I won’t take) After reading all these reviews I purchased Holland and Barrat Time release PANTOTHENIC ACID (500mg) yesterday. I have read on some websites (maybe even this one) that if you take 4 of them a day it’s the same effect and dose as buying pantothen. However on the bottle it says take 1 pill a day and don’t exceed dosage.

    Does anyone know if it’s really ok to take 4 of them a day? Has anyone done it? Will there be side effects? Insomnia maybe? I really want to take as many as is safe as I really have had enough of acne making me miserable (not to mention how painful mine is)

    I do hope this will finally be the thing that cures it!

    If anyone can help answer my questions I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you.

  67. no there should be no problems if you take mega doses of vita in b5, because it’s water soluble and body can easily get rid of it

    I used it for a month, mega doses, and it didn’t help

    What really helped me a lot was to completely cut off dairy products, i was very skeptic about but it really reduced my acne so much! Recently I ate some ice-cream and next day I had 5 new zits

    1. Thank you for your reply. I have been taking the pantothenic acid 3 times a day for over 2 weeks now and my skin is till very bad. I had such high hopes after reading everyone’s reviews on how good it was but it didn’t work for you either… 🙁

      Now I have several large painful red spots on my body. Could this be related? I doubt it as you say its water soluble… I think its worth a trip to the doc.

      I have been thinking about cutting out dairy and since you say it worked for you I will give it a go.

      Thanks and here’s hoping!

  68. Bought 3 bottles and tried 2 of them to see if it had any long term result.

    No improvement is visible at all after 2 months usage.

    Contacted the pantothen firm and all of a sudden they only do refund on unopened bottles, despite the stuff they write on their website, which says full 90 days of refund as long as you return the bottles.

    DO NOT waste your money, time and high hopes on this scam.

    I am just sad that I did not read this site before buying. Lots of money down the drain to no avail.

  69. Thank you for your reply. I am now going down the route of acupunture and herbs as nothing else seems to have worked. This is supposed to wonders as the herb clears your blood and all the toxins but I won’t know until about 10 weeks time.


  70. I purchased 3 bottles of this for my daughters who both suffer from acne within the week we had to call out our GP at 3 am because of the eldest having severe vomiting attack and the youngest complaining of tummy pains and going to the loo constantly.
    i was told by returns dept to send back empty bottles ..did this but before sending had to open two of we had not used them i find panthen only refund not opened bottles ..the guarantee is useless ..i paid £60 for the product and many many cross network phone calls without any reply to any of them also futher £3+ return postage..scammed into opening the bottles for return ..avoid this company believe me

  71. HEY i ordered 8 bottles of PANTOTHEN on 25th oct it arrived 8th Nov i had no problem great service i just started taking the pills and it works straight away face is alot less oily its not a scam it really does what they say it does Big THANKS

  72. Also you need to watch what you eat and have a fitness plan.i have had skin problem for many years i will be back to give another review in a month or two

  73. I tried Pantothen and I didn’t get a good result and they didn’t stick to their getting money bak if you aren’t happy about the result!
    Many says they have a good result but you must now not everyone does!

  74. Pantothen does work! I have tried many acne fighters with disappointing results & no success. My father mentioned Pantothen during a phone call a few months back, so I started to do research online and was curious to see if it really was cracked up to be as effective as they advertise. Pantothen, hands down, works brilliantly. Did take a little while to kick in.. so, if you’ve just started taking Pantothen, be prepared to give it a good 3 months to see visual improvements with your skin. You wont be disappointed.

  75. I’ve been trying it about 5-6 weeks and no clear results yet. It seems that works but not really, pimples keep going out from time to time. I will finish the second bottle and if in two weeks I don’t feel it works better I will go to the Specialist to see what can I do next.

  76. pantothen is really i life saver ,,i tried proactive, neutrogena ,clearisil, clean and clear, and none of them worked,, i had really bad acne but after one week i noticed my face has cleared up and after a month ma acne was gone forever …thank you pantothen

  77. I’m bummed to hear about shipping issues and this product not working. I received my order in 5 days. Im going to try this out and hope it’s a success.

  78. Pantothen did not work for my acne (cystic acne) which to be honest, didn’t suprise me because it is the toughest acne to cure. They do however say on their website that it will!!
    They didn’t return all FOUR of my emails and didn’t refund me even after I sent the bottles back within 90 days like required.
    So disappointed in this product.
    My suggestion would be to go to your local dermatologist and request Isotretinoin. As nasty as it is, it works.

  79. I tried everything for my daughters acne. I spent hundreds of dollars. We went to dermatologists, facials, etc. I tired every remedy for her I could find. Nothing worked. I bought her pantothen and it worked fantastic!!!!!! I’m serious. She is beautiful now. Her skin is clearer than it has been since she was 15. She is now 23 and finally we found a cure for her acne. With NO side effects so I absolutely believe it is safe.

  80. I’ve tried Proactive, things that claim to be better than Proactive, and various different things with pretty much 0 results. Even things recommended by my dermatologist didn’t work. Then when I read how Pantothen worked I figured it made since and tried it out. Lo and behold- this crap does NOT work! I took before&after pictures to prove it and even used the wash that came with it 2x a day instead of just daily. I understand that not all skin products work on everyone but there was absolutely ZERO change in my skin to the point that I’d have to call Pantothen a scam.

  81. Just wondering how lonf u have to take it for? Will it come back or do u have to keep taking it for life?

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