Lerosett Clay Mask Review

Note: since this article was written, Lerosett has continually threatened us with misguided legal claims, accused us of slander and threatened to sue us.  What they haven’t done, however, is produce a single copy of any of the studies their website cites.

Lerosett is a skin care product / active treatment system made by Gunilla of Sweden (www.gunillaofsweden.com)

Gunilla’s current grade, as calculated by the Better Business Bureau, is an A+.  The Better Business Bureau does not review products, but they do access customer complaints and review other areas of business competence. Gunilla of Sweden is running a good business.  However, I do believe they make many misleading claims on their website.

As America’s leading anti-Benzoyl Peroxide blogger, I like where the Lerosett website starts: “Only LEROSETT® is truly all natural and oil free with no drugs, chemicals or preservatives. (No benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulfur).”  While I appreciate that they are selling an acne treatment product without harsh chemicals, they are making false claims, such as: “Only Lerosett is truly all natural.”  They aren’t the only all-natural acne product.

The product is a heat-treated organic clay mask that contains zinc, among other natural ingredients.   They claim to have multiple studies that prove their product is effective in treating acne and healing skin 100% of the time. But where are the links to the studies? Who performed the studies? If it’s such a perfect product (“LEROSETT® is a specially heat treated clay that’s clinically proven 100% effective in multiple “placebo controlled” trials.”) then why isn’t there a single study on pubmed.gov that mentions the word Lerosett. I’m sure that a perfect acne product used by over 10,000 skincare professionals could afford to commission a study. When I see too good to be true claims, with no proof behind them, I get skeptical in a hurry.

Here are some claims made by the Lerosett website:

97% Success rate after 23 years of consumer and medical use.

  • I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe that 97 out of 100 people who have used this product believe it cures acne.

LEROSETT® has been clinically proven 100% effective in multiple “double blind” placebo controlled studies by Medstat Research using over 400 “normal to severe” acne participants.

  • The claims are getting bolder.  I would assume that 100% effective means that all acne is eliminated.  They are now claiming that Lerosett completely cured acne in 400 patients, leaving 0 patients with a single blemish.

LEROSETT® is chemical free

  • Zinc is a chemical.

Benzoyl peroxide “the #1 acne drug” has been banned by the European Union

  • Benzoyl Peroxide is widely available in the European Union, however it does require a prescription.

The FDA has also significantly downgraded the safety rating of Benzoyl peroxide

  • The FDA considers Benzoyl Peroxide a safe and effective Acne treatment.  “We, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are issuing this final rule to include benzoyl peroxide as a generally recognized as safe and effective (GRASE) active ingredient in over-the-counter (OTC) topical acne drug products. In addition, this final rule includes new warnings and directions required for OTC acne drug products containing benzoyl peroxide. We are also revising labeling for OTC topical acne drug products containing resorcinol, resorcinol monoacetate, salicylic acid and/or sulfur to meet OTC drug labeling content and format requirements in a certain FDA regulation. This final rule is part of our ongoing review of OTC drug products and represents our conclusions on benzoyl peroxide in OTC acne drug products.”

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  1. To me this company is a scam because once you order their product, they proceed to sign you up for the ‘gold program’ and send more shipments each month and a half and CHARGING them to your credit card. They sold our acct to 2 other companies that are showing a couple of charges each month for their services as well?!! These charges are for a total of $4.20 but nonetheless it is STEALING as I did not sign up for anything but one single shipment of lerosett, not the rest. I cannot find a single mention of automatically being subjected to a recurring ordering charge scam. WHY do they think this is a way to get return business? We will see if Gunilla of Sweden does truly cancel the ‘gold’ (read fool’s gold) membership at $40+ every 45 days or so. GRRRR

    1. On the website I actually did read that once you order it once it will send it to you every 6 weeks. You have to contact them to cancel this. I don’t find this to unusal. Proactiv does the same thing. i think many products like this do.

      1. I noticed that too, but they seem to sell about 16 acne products and they only have a free trial for one of the products. Its not a free trial company thats obviously not what that company is doing. It looks to me like you can buy their products normally. Its seems to be the free rial that bothers people…And its a free trial, I just don’t understand why some people think a free trial is a free sample?

    2. I am a little confused because I have bought from Lerosett numerous times. I have never been signed up for the “gold program” and charged for things I did not order. I use Lerosett and love it. It is not harsh or drying like other brands and is keeping my skin clear.

    3. Your suppose to cancel your subscription before the trial offer ends in order to not be charged.That’s with all trial offers.

    4. The same thing happened to me! I read through the trial offer. There were minimal fees but no mention of future automatic charges. After my first shipment, they continued to charge full price shipments on my credit card. That is wrong! I never ending up trying my first shipment to see if the product was something I wanted to continue using so I was pissed! I am sure I read through everything before placing my order because I do not like automatic charges like Proactive does. I never tried Proactive, but at least they have the decency to let their customers know they are signed up for automatic shipments and charges. I found this page researching the product after using the mask tonight and I’m happy with the way it left my face feeling but I don’t know yet if this product will cure my acne. I returned my 2nd shipment to sender. Let’s see if they will credit my MasterCard???

    5. When you ordered the product, the invoice sheet that comes within the product packaging clearly states the free trial rules. If you did not read them, that is your problem. Don’t blame the company for your own incompetence.

    6. I purchased this about 3 weeks ago and at the check out, it DOES give you the option to get it monthly or a one time purchase. I clicked the one time purchase.

  2. Lerosett has been around since 1985, its from Sweden, Not America. Lerosett was tested several times professionally by Medstat research Norway thats why its not on Medpub.org. The results of Lerosett Organic Acne Treatment was 100% effective. This does not mean that Lerosett cures acne, there is no cure for acne and most people know it. No where does Lerosett state that it cures acne and the author knows it.

    What 100% effective means is that everyone who undertook acne studies with Lerosett was completely satisfied. Some people had sever acne for decades and now have one or two pimples once a month, thats 100% effective if you ask the person who Lerosett was tested on, and that is the true definition of effective.

    Lerosett is the only acne treatment that when a customer buys a 3 part Lerosett acne system that customer is asked to take a Lerosett challenge video and to post them on you tube, unedited, regardless of the results just please be honest and have patience. No other acne brand has the guts to put their product on the line like that, Proactiv, Murad, MaxClarity they all edit only positive videos, never whatever the customer thinks.

    Lerosett has a 60 day return policy and has a customer customizable free trial system.

    Honestly if Lerosett was a scam product why does it have a A+ BBB rating and why can you call the professional testimonials on the site and ask for the people named in the professional testimonials, why will they all confirm the effectiveness of Lerosett.

    Also why do all the customer reviews on the Lerosett website has the people real names and locations so you can confirm those as well, why, because there real.

    I know if this blogger knows what to do when they come face to face with the only acne treatment in the world that removes acne better than anything else and is so healthy babies can use it. .

    But I dont think this statement will remain on this blog since it doesnt agree with its opinion. A range of positive and negative reviews, go to makeupalley.com and look up Lerosett, higher review numbers than any other acne brand, period.

    One more thing, why has Europe made Benzoyl peroxide a script only drug, why, because its not safe, they dont have drug lobbyists over there like they do here, less bribery.

    1. Hi Sven,

      Thanks for commenting. I don’t believe that Lerosett is a scam. It is apparent, however, that the website makes many misleading marketing claims. If the company is operating in a truly ethical fashion, they would address these.

      1. And also, Zinc is NATURALLY FOUND in the Earths crust, rocks, and soil. So it IS natural, you calling it “chemical” implies that it is man-made which is false. I am not sure of your personal vendetta against this company but you if you’re going to be running an acne site, you need to be factual and unbiased. You sound like you’re on a witch hunt.

        1. I am a chemist and chemical does not mean synthetic (man-made). Please take high school chemistry all over again. A synthetically made vitamin C is the same vitamin C found in fruit. Zinc is an element which is why it is naturally found. It is also a metal like lead. Lead is naturally found and can cause lots of health problems. You’re an idiot if the way you label things as toxic or non-toxic is based on where they are found or made. It is based on the amount of exposure you have to it. That goes with everything (natural or synthetic) you come across!

      2. Its time you shut down this article before you get in trouble with liable or defamation. It’s obvious this article is from a competitor. None of the comments you claim are on their website, are actually on Lerosett.com or Gunillaofsweden.com.

        This is the link to the clinical study you requested, it’s on their site if you take a look.
        The results are
        30% Somewhat Better
        45% Much Better
        25% Completly Removed
        Plus this was once per day, week one. Then Every 3rd day for 2-6 weeks. These results were not even with daily use for over a week. I’m sure the results would be much higher with everyday use for a month.

        Thats not 100% effective, but 100% got better, so thats semantics but better than Proactiv or any other acne brand. I have seen no other acne brands post their actual clinical research papers on the products they sell.

        It would appear Lerosett is the most honest of acne brands and a lot of skincare professionals agree, the link below, no acne brand has this.

        What I found was over 1,000 reviews averaging 4.9 Stars.

        No one has posted here for 3 years. And everyone knows Zinc is a mineral, not a Chemical.

  3. Again, I feel the author of this blog confuses the term effective with the term cured. This is an issue of semantics, let’s look at this with some perspective. If LEROSETT wanted to say that it cured acne they would say so, they don’t, they state there is no cure for acne.
    Statement #7 at http://www.Lerosett.com/Lerosett.php

    Understand that Tylenol can be 100% effective against a headache, does this mean Tylenol cures headaches? NO

      1. I have been representing Lerosett for years. I cant believe the unmitigated nerve of this so called acne site. I know for a fact there is plenty of research on the lerosett web site, I have seen it myself at the Las Vegas skin care trade shows where Lerosett has they display every year.

        I will personally do what I can to expose acneresearch.org as a fraud, why? Hypocrisy this site has no professional experience, no medical degrees and non of its own documented acne research. I think this site tries to build itself up by lowering better brands.

        Why should you get any research from anyone, you are not qualified to disseminate genuine acne research.

        You should be ashamed!!

        1. I purchased lerosett for my 12 year old daughter, who suffers terribly with acne. I felt better when I found out their rating from the
          better business bureau. But by the second order, my daughters acne is much worse. I know different things work for different people. I just want anyone who wants to purchase lerosett to think long and hard. This product has been a disaster for my daughter. I am so sorry we tried it.

          1. If you took the time to read how it works it states that the acne will get worse before it gets better, the clay draws out the impure crap on your face which has to come out someway , so you need to keep using it and you will suddenly see an improvement, I know because I read it and it happened, but after a week it cleared up my face, I still get blemishes but my face is far better then before I tried the clay mask, I would give it another try and be patient you will like the results.

          2. Sheila, I can’t believe it was such a disaster. It does take about a month to clear out existing & forming pimples. Most of your skin care products will also tell you that. I am an RN and have done the Accutane, lived on antibiotics until I was resistant to them, and tried every peroxide product I could until I gave up on that. At age 61, was still researching trying to find a cure for my cystic acne, and I ran across Lerosett on the internet. I did sign up for the trial, and cancelled my enrollment in the program, so I had to order replacements. But it worked for me! I have very sensitive skin, and I would not touch my face with my hands without washing them. Since it is a 3 fold problem, bacteria on the skin, excess oil being produced, and a clog in the pore caused by the oil and natural process of shedding skin cells. The bacteria just finds the food source, there you have it , a pimple! So I thought if I could just break the chain of events leading up to a pimple, I could whip the problem somehow. As I said, I kept my hands off my face. Washed with a gentle aloe antibacterial soap twice a day, and then at night, I would put a very thin layer of Lerosett clay and sleep in it all night to pull out the clog from the pores. It did take about 3 weeks to deal with the clearing out phase. But after that, no more deep painful cysts. I hate that your daughter did not do well on it; hoping that she might try what worked for me. The clay is so gentle,I even use it on my 8 year old grandson’s cheeks and it clears them up. I’m so sorry for your daughter’s problems, and I know first hand how terrible acne makes a person feel. Hope you can find something that works for you.

  4. Lerosett is most definitely NOT a scam. It works, and if you tried it, you would not have questioned the testimonials or the website.
    I am a licensed esthetician who has been working with Gunilla of Sweden for almost 10 years; they have NEVER charged me more than what I purchased and if anything, have sent me more samples than I expected! I don’t know what you signed up for, but you cannot even order Gunilla unless you are LICENSED to do so. You have to go through someone who is a licensed distributor–which is what I am.
    I stand by Gunilla 110% and can testify that their products work FAST and you can see the results almost immediately.
    Lerosett is a miracle for anyone with oily to severe/cystic acne. Any doubts can be resolved by trying it.

    1. I just started using Lerosett and I love it, however, you DO NOT have to be licensed to buy this product. I purchased it straight from their official site and I am just a regular run of the mill customer. I am so happy that you endorse the product but please check your claims before stating them.

  5. Is it the company or the products that is a scam? Neither, I think there is a large population of acne sufferers who have been sold on so many varieties of the same thing “products that dont work” that when something comes along that works “and is chemical free” people are in shock. For example Max Clarity is the latest by using foam only again its the same drugs.

    See in the US people are constantly being sold on drugs, its on TV all the time, we are programmed, its what we go to first, its automatic. Lerosett comes from Sweden where the culture is a bit different. I will make a request to the company that they have their testing results translated and posted.

    I think the company holds testimonials by skin care professionals in higher regard than clinical testing. After an acne specialist has used Lerosett on acne patience for 10 years or more it would seem that these opinions would be paramount. There are often so many variables related to acne that it takes a skin care professional to really get to the bottom of the problem and thats why so many of these pros go to Lerosett and not the Jessica Simpson stuff.

    here is one out of many, these acne blogs should go out of their way and contact these people who have been working with acne longer than blogs have existed, below is a good example..

    LEROSETT® is the most amazing acne product I have ever used in my 20 plus year career as a “esthetician” skin care professional.
    ~Lana Vinnik at L’Image Skin Care and Dermatology, Milwaukee, WI

    PS. 100% Organic raw and natural spinach is loaded with chemicals, but non of us consider them to be real chemicals.

    1. I am looking for an effective acne product for my 19 year old son. He has tried everything except the heavy duty drugs like Accutane. We all agree we are not going to put his body through that.

      However, as a customer who wants to be educated, I have been all over the net and seen dozens of products, natural and otherwise that all make the same basic claim with a few “benefit added” tweaks. Many of the testimonials I’ve read are written almost verbatim, on different “consumer review” sites, using different names. I was not born yesterday (I am in my 60’s) and I’ve been in the field of marketing for 40 years. I recognize when a “review” is written by someone has some connection to the company that is selling the product. Some of these sites appear to be set up to look independent but smack of being a deceptive form of marketing by some of the companies that sell acne products.

      Skin care professionals have a vested, financial interest as a distributor of a product they are selling. That’s a conflict of interest and raises a red flag to anyone looking for an unbiased opinion—someone that has nothing to gain by validating claims. This is not to say they are not being honest. But the “appearance” of impropriety exists and that’s all it takes to create doubt in their testimonials.

      In addition, Photoshop is a very popular editing tool in a lot of marketing photos and has been used to create false results on many products we see on TV, the internet and in magazines.

      It’s “Buyer Beware” when claims are made without clinical evidence to sustain them. This is not to say that any of Lerosett’s photos have been edited or enhanced. But because so muchout there is edited, one can’t decide which company is being straight and which is not. We have to be careful.

      So from a concerned and cynical point of view gained from realizing everyone is claiming the same successes, I, too, want proof in the form of solid research and test trials. That request is not made with the intent of offending fans of this product. It has nothing to do with personal issues at all. It’s about having as much information as possible to make a sound decision on our own.

      And I think that is what this blogger is trying to say. He/she does not discuss the effectiveness of the product. He/she is questioning the claims that are being made WITHOUT proof of clinical evidence. He/she is asking for them. I would like to see that too. Anyone doing this kind of research already has half a brain. We don’t need to be an esthetician or lab scientist to understand the clinical proof.

      Honestly, I WANT this product to perform as it claims. I’ve been researching the net for over a week now and I’m not through. I’ll dig deeper on Lerosett because I want to find a product that gives me intelligent evidence from independent sources to back up its claims. I want to find a company that is open and willing to do this.

      Andy Grimes, please do post the research information you mentioned in your post to this blogger. I want and need to see it too! So far I’m really interested in this product. Thank you.

      1. The advice given by this site (regular doses of sunlight, going to sleep at the same time each night, avoiding sugar, supplementing with Vitamin B complex, Zinc, etc) have worked consistently. Granted, they do require an enormous amount of discipline over time. Has your son tried any of these methods?

        1. Thanks! I just finished reading the compilation of information in the “System” and it contains a lot of useful and reasonable information. I’ve been telling my son about the hormonal and brain function disruptions he is creating within his body by his night-owl habits. The melatonin disruption and the possible domino effect on other hormones makes a lot of sense as well. In fact, his worse eruption of acne occurred over the winter break (4 weeks) while he abused his sleeping habits, etc. He’s bright and interested in healthy living. So I suspect he’ll read the System with keen interest. Thank you for providing this.

      2. Hi just doing some research of my own and wondering how Lerosett worked for you? Did you end up getting it for your son and if so was it effective?

  6. The blogger states that they searched LEROSETT reviews and they have the same results as the average acne system.

    I can prove this is wrong.

    Makeupalley.com is rated at the top for internet traffic and skin care reviews. Makeupalley.com has the largest review bank.

    LEROSETT 78% recommend it
    Max Clarity 46% recommend it
    Proactiv 35% recommend it
    Murad 29%

    LEROSETT has double the rating of any other brand.

    Acneresearch.org has created a website related to acne, this site makes recommendations for treating acne, does acneresearch.org have any research about their recommendations?

    Does acne research have statements from medical professionals concerning their recommendations for removing acne?

    Does acneresearch.org understand that Tylenol can be 100% effective against someones headache without being a cure for headaches?

    When acneresearch.org makes the statement that LEROSETT is being less than honest about being chemical free because ZINC is a chemical is a blatant cheap shot. Food contains natural chemicals that are essential for growth and health, including carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and vitamins and zinc. The statement that LEROSETT is chemical free holds with reasonable people .

  7. Lerosett has two ingredients Kaolin clay and distilled water. The inorganic elements in Kaolin clay does not allow it to penetrate the skin. It is a great surface absorber and that is why it is a kitty litter clay. It is also used to make paint, concrete and is a main ingredient in most car waxes and polishes. It would do a good job of removing surface oils and dirt just like on a car but will over time seriously damage and unbalance your skin. The drying action of the kaolin clay will stimulate the sebum glands to produce more oil over time that will lead to more acne problems. Oil is not the cause of acne nor is it bacteria.

    Acne always starts with a plug in the skin, if it is below the surface it is whitehead if it is above the skin it is a blackhead. The plug forms because the sebum gland is being stimulated usually through hormones to produce more sebum oil and because of that-the duct going from the sebum gland to the surface of the skin is open longer allowing debris to fall in and build up possibly forming a plug and causing an acne pimple.

    As far as heat treating kaolin clay that is an industrial application that is used with kaolin clay to help make concrete harder. Kaolin clay is an excellent ingredient for making concrete and heating it helps make the concrete stronger. My guess on heating the lerosett clay is more to do with making it whiter. And it would allow more distilled water to be added to it. This clay will not nourish the skin it will only take away things. So for a temporary drying on the skin it would be a good product. Getting rid of acne long term requires bringing your skin back into a balance. I could keep going but I’m trying to keep this on a discussion of the subject…

    1. The statement above that LEROSETT is a kaolin clay is patently false and if the individual making the statement had looked at the product they would have known this to be the case. Again we have another comment by someone who have never even help a tube of LEROSETT in their hand.

      LEROSETT is a specially processed form of rhassoul “rasul” clay that has been proprietarily treated. Rhassoul is a rare clay that is naturally anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-microbial in effect. LEROSETT clay has high concentrations of natural minerals that kaolin clay does not have.

      The minerals within LEROSETT cause a decrease in sebum production “not an increase” as well as having significant anti-bacterial effects . Furthermore the ionic charge and related effects with LEROSETT cause a magnetic like attraction to toxins thereby purging the skin of toxins not to mention the acne itself.

      Long-term use of LEROSETT as an acne treatment or as a detox treatment will only have positive effect on the skin.

      We would like to thank the skin care professionals who have made statements on this blog and come to the aid of LEROSETT and stood by the brand during this “1st time in company history” episode of slander by acneresearch.org.

      Gunilla of Sweden

    2. Lerosett is made from Rasul Clay. By reading your statement, it is obvious that you desperately want to trash Lerosett.

  8. Why are you posting reviews about a product that you have not even tried? Is this a website about treating acne or bashing companies who are trying to sell a decent product. All of their statements COULD be true. How will you know if you don’t try it? This website (acneresearch.org) seems a little sketchy to me, I have been a skin care professional for years and I specialize in treating acne. LEROSETT is the best all natural product that I have ever used. Shame on you. It’s really disappointing that people will see this and miss out on a product that could really change their lives. This site is called “Acne Research”…. so DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  9. This is the official rebuttal to the scam DEFEMATION from this blog “acneresearch.org” concerning LEROSETT® acne products by Gunilla of Sweden®. The reason for our accusation of slander is that the title to this story states “scam” when later in the article the author claims the products is NOT a scam after openly stating the author has never used the product in question. To this date the author has not removed the term “scam” from the title of this blog site.

    1. Gunilla of Sweden has been manufacturing advanced organic skin care products since 1985 we have over 1,000 dealers selling our products. Acneresearch.org is the first instance of any person or company insinuating that either the company or our brand is some kind of scam since the founding of the company in 1985. Gunilla of Sweden does officially consider this article to be slander until the term scam is dealt with by the author.

    2. Concerning accusations of ethics violations and false claims. Clinical testing proving LEROSETT to be 100% Effective Against Acne will be translated into English and posted at http://www.gunillaofsweden.com/Clinical.php before 09/19/10.
    a. Studies are in accordance with Declaration of Helsinki and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and local regulations by Medstat Reseach, Norway.
    b. Median confidence intervals constructed by the Bermouli-Wilcoxon procedure. Male and Female Pilsbury I and II acne levels tested with 50% placebo introduced.

    2. The individual who claimed that the company was a scam “not the product” because they were charged two times $4.20 the company has no item for that amount. It is the company’s position that this individual is related to a competing acne brand and is involved with attack marketing. We welcome this individual to make themselves know at [email protected] and any legitimate complaint that they may have will be taken care of immediately.

    3. We thank this blog for mentioning that Gunilla of Sweden has a A+ BBB rating.

    4. LEROSETT has no added chemicals and this is stated on the product. The author states that ZINC is a chemical and therefore LEROSETT is not chemical free. This is false. For example fruits and vegetables contain minerals and other content that when looked at separately may be considered a chemical but not when that content is natural within a natural product.

    5. Benzoyl peroxide has been taken off the OTC list in Europe because it is to dangerous for anyone to use without doctor supervision.

    a. LEROSETT is the most effective acne product on the market.
    b. LEROSETT is one of the few acne products that thousands of skin care professionals use on their acne clients.
    c. LEROSETT is the only drug, chemical and oil free acne treatment.

    If you have any questions concerning this or any aspect of LEROSETT by Gunilla of Sweden please contact Fred Nilsson at Customer Service 866-551-5505 or email
    [email protected]

  10. The statement above that LEROSETT is a kaolin clay is patently false and if the individual making the statement had looked at the product they would have known this to be the case. Again we have another comment by someone who have never even help a tube of LEROSETT in their hand.

    LEROSETT is a specially processed form of rhassoul “rasul” clay that has been proprietarily treated. Rhassoul is a rare clay that is naturally anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-microbial in effect. LEROSETT clay has high concentrations of natural minerals that kaolin clay does not have.

    The minerals within LEROSETT cause a decrease in sebum production “not an increase” as well as having significant anti-bacterial effects . Furthermore the ionic charge and related effects with LEROSETT cause a magnetic like attraction to toxins thereby purging the skin of toxins not to mention the acne itself.

    Long-term use of LEROSETT as an acne treatment or as a detox treatment will only have positive effect on the skin.

    We would like to thank the skin care professionals who have made statements on this blog and come to the aid of LEROSETT and stood by the brand during this “1st time in company history” episode of slander by acneresearch.org.

    Legal proceeding are being filed against acneresearch.org and the blog owners concerning the defamation of the brand LEROSETT and the term scam. The authors of this blog have stated that they have never tested LEROSETT and that LEROSETT is not a scam yet they refuse to remove the term scam from the title.

    Gunilla of Sweden

  11. About a year ago I went “natural” with all of the products I use in my household. I’ve suffered from acne for about 8 years and have been a satisfied customer of Proactiv. Upon researching benzoyl peroxide and the possible dangers of it, I decided to no longer use it even though it worked really well. I’ve tried 3 other natural brands in place of it: Burt’s Bees for acne, Derma E for acne, and MyChelle for acne. Each brand I used for three months or more and my acne never improved. Two days ago I started using the Lerosett line and applied the clay mask twice a day and slept in it. I have seen more improvement in my acne in the last two days than I’ve seen ALL YEAR!! I wanted to cry because I’ve been breaking out really, really bad and this is the only product that seems to work for me. Of course everyone’s skin is different and the other products may work for some, but they didn’t for me. I am so satisfied with Lerosett after two days.

  12. Don’t know why you’re getting your panties in a bunch over the word “scam.” The title doesn’t say your company is a scam, it poses the question. There’s a big difference between the two. It later goes on to state that it isn’t a scam.” Clearly Gunilla of Sweden is running a smooth operation and it is not a scam.” So, what’s the beef?.

    I can understand frustration in not finding valid research on a site that makes claims that it exists. I spend hours of research (scientific) for my website so as to recommend proven effective skin treatments. I do check references and read those long double blind studies. If that information is not on a site that recommends a product, I usually request it. If I don’t get that information, it’s usually because it doesn’t exist or the research is flawed. If no valid scientific information is available, there will be a statement to that effect. That is if I mention the product at all. So what’s wrong with including a list of references on your site?

    Now as for your lawsuit against acneresearch,org, good luck with that groundless venture..

    1. I use it and like it and have no connection to Lerosett . But I understad the offense the co. takes, and I agree with them. Seems people are always trying to blow the whistle on someone . They’ve got a good product and they’re sincere Go find some other cause to get excited about.

  13. The author of this blog has done what we asked, they have removed the insinuation that LEROSETT is a scam from the title and we now consider the matter closed.

    The customer service department at Gunilla of Sweden had several notes that call in customers were concerned about LEROSETT being a scam. As a company we had never heard a scam accusation and now three times in one day.

    We Google LEROSETT and the search bar then offers added options, unfortunately one of these options is LEROSETT scam.

    Gloria is obviously a very thoughtful and astute individual who finds that reading “at least” the majority of an issue yields more facts. Unfortunately not everyone is like Gloria and many individuals see the question mark after scam in the title and leave the site with doubt concerning LEROSETT.

    LEROSETT by Gunilla of Sweden is a truly amazing acne product that anyone can try for up to a month without paying for it. If you like it after 30 days you pay for it, if you don’t we give you another 30 days to return it without every being charged more that $2.95 for postage. You have nothing to loose.

    Gunilla of Sweden

  14. I must say their website seems very shady to me.
    They make the claims to be 100% effective on 100% of people which is a dream come true for every acne sufferer. If they have this kind of product why do they need to talk so much shit about all their competitors? I also can see a lot of claims that seems really shady, like this one:

    “LEROSETT® is currently used to a great extent in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland and it contains no added irritating colorants.”

    I am from Norway and I have never heard about this product anywhere, I have searched for it in Norwegian on Google and there is not A SINGLE webshop that sells nor is there any website that even mention it in Norway! I also searched all the big chains and noone offers it. I am a very logical person and to me when the website makes a unnecessary claim that i know to be false, how can I believe that their main claim is true? I was pretty sure I was gonna buy it but the more I read the website the more of a skeptic I become. I also feel like pretty much all of the comments talking so positively about it here is employed them because of the way they write. Their website is SO similar to the websites that tries to sell those useless E-Books about on how you can earn $10K per month from your home. Just now I went into the free trial page and saw that they say they are “americas 1 selling organic acne treatment” which is another of those big claims that seem so shady.

    It all looks like a scam to me, the thing is though I really cant see the point in doing this. They make so many big claims that if they have any kind of sales, they will have a lot of feedback, and if they claim to be 100% effective every forum will be flooded by people who can say if its true or not. Since they make so high claims people will be even more harsh on it. So the only way for them to make any money if this was a scam is to earn some fast money before people begin to catch on, the problem with this however is that they have the free trial stuff which means they earn little or nothing at all on the first purchase. Due to this if it was a scam they wouldn’t really earn much on it so what would be the point? This again leads me to believe it might actually work, and thats why I will spend $12 to buy a bottle and see.

  15. Oh god I just read their “terms” for the free trial. If their product is that good why do they need to sell it in such a way? It makes no sense whatsoever. I’m now 90% sure I was scammed.

  16. Ok another nail in the coffin for this company. on this site:


    They refer to a study by “Erling Thom”. This Erling Thom is well known in Norway for making small studies for various semi-controversial supplements like diet pills and hair-gain products. My source is this blog:


    Which lists a whole bunch of these alternative products he has done studies on. Use Google for translation.

    This makes me 99% its a scam. Since its obvious the people who are selling this stuff is reading the blog I want to tell you something: Its not gonna work.People notice very quickly if this will have an effect, unlike diet pills and these kind of placebo stuff. If your way to gain money is by making people forget to cancel their reoccurring orders, then good for you, it might work, I don’t really think you’re gonna earn a lot on it though, cause the market isn’t that big. Especially for an unknown product like yours. If it really actually works then I would suggest you hire some new marketing people cause I can think of WAY better ways of marketing this stuff for to general public without looking like a scam!

  17. Chris do your research, we state that anyone who is willing to document progress will have free product !! You have never come across anything like LEROSETT it CANT NOT stop acne, including yours.

    The Norway dealer base is

    www.bodystore.com Köp Ehrenstab Naturmedicin Lerosett Fri frakt vid order över 500 kr!

    The US dealer base is located at

    Skin care professional testimonials are located at


    1. Chris, I don’t know about you. You somehow don’t understand what you read. I use the product and love it. Why so hostile? NO scam here, calm down.

      1. Why be defensive for this product? Don’t you already know that it works since you use it? Why would you care so much about this? For me, I’m trying to get rid of acne so I’m doing the research. Does anyone know what is in this “Lerosett”? I have allergies. And by “allergies”, I mean ALOT. Since you have the product, please tell me what is in it.

  18. I think LEROSETT is an amazing product, I used it and it stopped my acne. I wonder if Chris is not somehow involved with LEROSETT’s competitors. And this article says acneresearch is a leading benzoyl peroxide blogger, who says? I dont see any acne research thats been done by this site, I trust LEROSETT before any unknown blogger.

  19. I just received my Lerosett order today and needless to say I am very eager to get started but also am trying not to get my hopes up. I have used Murad, Exposed, Proactive, byebyeacne, cetaphil, Rx benzoil peroxide, sulfur soap, and believe me the list goes on. I am 40 yrs old and my acne started in my 20’s. It makes me ashamed and I know that ONE day someone will come out with a product that really works, so I pray that Leroosett is it. For those of you who are refrring to this company as a scam because they bill you after the trial period and then set you up on recurring shipments, I’m sorry but get over it. Sooooo many companies do this – even makeup companies, vitamin companies, etc. It is how you make money which is the whole point in starting a business, right?? I will sign back on and let you know if this product is for real.

  20. Hopefully this is the last statement that will need to be made.

    Below is a list of licensed skin care professional and their phone numbers. Please call any of these experts to confirm the effectiveness of LEROSETT. LEROSETT was only available to professionals for 19 years, we now offer a 21 free trial as well. Free trials have been given a bad name because of scamming, this is NOT LEROSETT. We offer the most generous free trial in the industry. Our free trial has a double time extension if requested, also we will offer a refund to anyone who is not satisfied regardless of how much time has past, but we charge people some time we we have 21 to 42 days for this procedure, also free trial customers get a free moisturizer.

    Acne can be one of the biggest challenges in skin care. LEROSETT® has been my favorite “go to” products when it comes to dealing with acne. All of my acne clients love it! Not only has it helped them clear their acne, but it also helps maintain healthy and clear skin. The natural, non-irritating formula can be used on all skin types and used during and after professional acne treatments! LEROSETT® is one of my highest recommended products! Urban Skin
    Stephanie Becker, Esthetician, West Bend, WI DERMASPA Physician Directed Laser Center 262-306-7546

    LEROSETT is the most amazing product I have ever used in my 20 plus year career as a professional esthetician.
    – Lana Vinnik “L’Image Skin and Dermatology, Milwaukee, WI 716-636-1531

    LEROSETT works like magic for acne and for ingrown hairs. Our clients are addicted to this truly remarkable product. – Irene Kelly~SPA du Soleil, Scottsdale, AZ 480-994-5400

    LEROSETT is the only mask I carry and I consider LEROSETT to be a MIRACLE MASK
    -Cheryl Goodheim-Esthetician & Owner- The Works-Carlsbad, CA 760-434-5663

    We have used Gunilla of Sweden® organic skin care for 20 years. ÄKTA® is one of our most popular products. The ÄKTA® Cell Rejuvenator not only helps to hydrate the skin but also plumps the skin for a natural glow. We specialize in the treatment of acne and the LEROSETT® Acne Clay calms the skin and helps to prevent new acne breakouts. The ÄKTA® Eye and Lip Cream continually gets rave reviews. Clients see results; the eyes appear less puffy and clients see a reduction in their dark circles. If you are looking for a line that is easy to use, that clients will love, and that sells itself, then Gunilla is the right choice. You will not be disappointed!

    Joanne Bockhold & Chris Groff, Owners The Acne & Skin Care Clinic, Folsom, CA
    Urban Skin 916-351-1177

    I used many therapeutic products in my busy dermatologic practice. Urban Skin Care Center~~ Oakland Acne Clinic and Ethnic Skin Treatment Center in California and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the quality and action of LEROSETT. I am particularly pleased with its oil absorption and exfoliating properties. In fact, it is becoming the favorite mask treatment for our paramedical staff. My advanced training center known as Advanced Dermatologics which offers the one-on-one dermatologic and esthetic training for doctors and other professionals is recommending LEROSETT as part of a treatment system for acne and oily skin.
    Urban Skin Care Solutions ~~ Oakland Acne Clinic and Ethnic Skin Treatment Center, Kathryn Leverette, President 510-834-7546

    We really believe in ÄKTA® and our customers LOVE it! Everyone loves their products to be as Organic and Natural as possible, yet still effective, and we truly believe this is the line that has it all. We love that the packaging is simple yet professional. The line is a good size and has the necessities, without having so many products, it confuses the consumer. We highly recommend ÄKTA® ,LEROSETT® and Gunilla of Sweden® skin care products to any of our customers looking for great results at a reasonable price.

    Mike Andrews at Beautystoredepot.com Austin, TX 512-495-9457

    Have to say – our spa uses very high standards when choosing skin care lines. We are very much a results-oriented spa and when we are deciding on products to bring on, we trial them extensively. We trial on clients that have the skin to tolerate it and would benefit. Naturally we trialed this (Lerosett) on several acneic clients (including myself) and WOW… we were super skeptical but I can’t say how thrilled we are (how thrilled I am personally). There is nothing better than having full confidence in a product and knowing you’re doing right by your clients. We are extremely proud to carry your line!
    Thank you! Teshia Roy O’Keefe- New Face and Body Spa, Canton, MI 603-569-5500

    I was lucky to be introduced to the ÄKTA® products from Gunilla of Sweden in the early 1990s when I started my own business Gunilla was one of my first products to incorporate into my skin care business. My bestsellers are ÄKTA® Cell Rejuvenator, ÄKTA® moisturizer with Ceramides and of course the fabulous LEROSETT® acne moisturizer. However, their washes/ cleanser, not to forget the LEROSETT® acne clay are also a great hit with any age groups. The quality of the products has been extremely consistent.
    Ruth Bertholjotti Owner Esthetician, The Swiss Touch Spa and Skin Care, Culver, Ca 310-313-0504

    I have tried many fruit acid products over the past few years. My clients and I have experienced the very best results with AKTA Alpha Hydroxy and the AKTA Cell Rejuvenator. The results are incredible, without the sting, as many of my clients are sensitive. I am, as well, because I am a natural redhead and no one believes that I am. So thank you for bringing an exceptional product to the state.
    Joan Kilburn, Joan K’s Skin Studio, Elk Grove, CA

    My sister and I are both estheticians and business owners and we have each have been doing professional skincare for 9yrs. We chose Gunilla of Sweden® for our clients because we wanted a result oriented product for acne without using benzoyl peroxide. The reason for no benzoyl peroxide is that clients who had used it were now experiencing hyperpigmention and thinning skin so, we really felt strong about weaning them off. When switching them over to LEROSETT® we and our clients have found great success in their battle against acne even the troublesome Adult cystic acne, which for us has helped build a strong trust between us and our clients.
    Thank you Gunilla of Sweden.
    Sincerely, Heather Ramsey and Jennifer Neves
    Estheticians/Business Owners at Alainn Tu Salon and Spa, Sacramento, Ca 916-731-5678

    I have been a G of S dealer for many years and their people and products are far above all the other Skin Care companies I have worked with. The best thing about Gunilla of Sweden is they don’t make demands on us, they really help us. I truly believe G of S puts their dealers ahead of their own bottom line and that’s a rare thing today. G of S is the kind of Skin Care Company that will help the professional make Millions in this business.
    – Skin Care by Michele & skincarebymichele.com Redding, CA 530-722-6700

    It’s magic! No one leaves our clinic without the ÄKTA ® Cell Rejuvenator.
    – Lady Dee’s Skin Care, Beverly Hills, CA 310-659-7082

    After 15 years of using Gunilla of Sweden products it is a joy to offer clients a skin care solution that actually works! Our clients are so amazed and delighted by the results. I can customize a program for all skin types. There are endless combinations for teens, women and men within the lines. The Cell Rejuvenator is also great for pre and post op surgical care, speeding up healing time. Your products are pure quality and your service supports is wonderful as well.
    – Mella Martin, Owner Mella Day Spa, St Paul, MN 651-292-8406

    The LEROSETT® clay mask combined with the ÄKTA ® skin care line makes an unbeatable combination in addressing our customer’s facial concerns. Just one application makes you feel the difference in your facial routine. For men and women will answer all your skin needs/concerns.
    – Maraline Krey, CEO Your Nature Store, Springfield, KY 859-336-3246

    Gunilla of Sweden delivers an incomparable yet affordable line of skin care products for professional recommendation in my aesthetic practice. Each and every one of them delivers beautiful results time after time.
    – Frederica Green, Frederica’s Desert Spa, Green Valley, AZ 520-399-2595

    We have hundreds more examples and even more testimonies from end users. We hope this information will silence any doubters. Over the next few years LEROSETT will be known by all.

    Gunilla of Sweden, Makers of LEROSETT

    [email protected]

  21. I have no doubt that Lerosett works, but I also have to agree with Chris: some statements on the Lerosett website are a bit pretentious. Also, if Lerosett is “currently used to a great extent in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland”, then why hasn’t anyone heard of it, and why is there no Lerosett store in any of these countries, not even Sweden (Gunilla of Sweden…)? Besides that: it’s pretty expensive for a little bit of rasul clay and water in a tube.

    One more thing (this is obviously hard to correct, since it pops up everywhere): Benzoyl peroxide is not taken off the OTC list in Europe. It’s freely available in most if not all European countries.

  22. I have been to every Las Vegas skin care tradeshow for 15 years its where all the experts meet. Lerosett is always talked about as a great pro option for acne specialists. The thing is if Lerosett was no good why do so many acne specialists use it ? why dont these experts use Proactive, or Dermify or Acnexus or all the other. I was given Lerosett for free because I joined there photo trials, its the best. But i knew I had acne not rosacea..

    Benzoyl peroxide is banned check it out…

    1. I don’t know where that ridiculous story was born, but benzoyl peroxide is NOT banned. I live in Europe and you can get it in every single drugstore and pharmacy. It’s an OTC product, so you don’t even need a prescription.

      Also, I never said that Lerosett doesn’t work, I said that it’s way too expensive for a little bit of clay and water. You can buy rasul clay for a lot less, mix it with some water and you have a great mask. Probably just as good as Lerosett, at a fraction of the costs.

      1. The LEROSETT Clay is specially heat treated to make it more powerful than regular versions of Rasul Clay. We use it in our clinic in conjunction with a morning and evening skin care regimen and it is way more effective than other rasul clay masks that we have tried.

      2. Fabian thats what you dont understand I worked at their trade show booth as an assistant esthetician in Vegas 2 years ago. The clay undergoes a special heat treatment just like lime stone turns into cement under extreem heat something happens to Lerosett clay as well, and if it works that what people want. If 100% organic Lerosett clay and 100% organic aloe based Lerosett moisturizer is to expensive then the other brands that are 95% water are a total rip off. At least with Lerosett you get real ingredients not just water, and every esthetician specializing in acne will use Lerosett clay at $34 before regular rasul clay at $5 because it is totally different. You can tell by the color when it dries too.


    1. Acne is a incurable skin disease (as defined by the FDA) so you will have to have a consistent skin care regimen -sometimes for the rest of your life- to prevent it from flaring up.

  24. So am I right in thinking that this product definately does not harm skin?

    I too am desperate to try a new acne product but would like to hear feedback regarding my question above by those who have used it / researched it.

    Many thanks, Sioux

  25. I purchased this a few months back and used it as instructed. From personal experience therefore, I would totally agree with the original article- don’t bother. To the poster above – not only will this NOT treat your existing acne (at best it left my face looking less congested but breakouts continued undeterred) – it’s WAY too costly for even one purchase, let alone continual ones! So please save your money and invest in something more worthwhile. May I recommend a simple routine of salicylic acid (I use 2% daily as a leave-on solution) and washing your face with a mild facial wash – this definitely made a positive difference in my skin, even in the first week of usage. I’ve also been looking into acne ebooks lately but that’s another dodgy field so got to tread very carefully once again.

    Anyway, bottomline: NO this product is NOT what the company hype it up to be, they are clearly nothing but a bunch of deluded and heartless people who have nothing but your money at heart.

  26. I remember reading this article before ever trying Lerosett. However, It did not deter me from trying the full acne regime (clay mask, face wash, toner & moisturizer). I have had moderate acne all my life – a mix of deep cystic and normal postules. I diligently tried Lerosett for 2 months straight. I wish I had been involved in those studies, because my face was not happy when I was done.

    I will say Lerosett cleared some of my acne around my chin/ jawline. But then I began experiencing breakouts in places I never had before – my cheeks. But the worst part was the overall texture and appearance of my skin. It became extremely dry and rough to the touch. Angry, red patches developed around my nose and mouth. Overall, things were worse, not better.

    Before people start digging for something external to blame I’d like to ad this: I am a very health-conscious individual. I eat almost all organic, eat very little meat, get to bed early, exercise regularly, etc. I had stopped using chemical acne products over a year before starting Lerosette. But for whatever reason it did not work for me.

    Which I’m not surprised – and neither should any of you. Everyone is different and nothing is going to be 100% effective for everyone.

    Since my experience with Lerosette I moved on to try Arcona – also a natural acne product. Things have substantially improved for me. I use the full acne system along with the raspberry peel and tea tree mask. I only have 1 or 2 blemishes at any time now.

    I’ve also heard that Dr. Hauschka is a particularly effective line. It is also all natural (that’s two other all natural acne lines in case anyone’s counting). For those of us who are particularly environmentally conscious, Dr. Hauschka is as close to the ideal company I can find. They grow their own organic herbs for their face products in Germany and use biodynamic harvesting to ensure maximum potency. love Dr. Hauschka’s body oils and baths, I just haven’t switched yet because Arcona is working so well for me and I hate to go through a transition period right now (or ever).

    Good luck to anyone trying to achieve clear skin. The original author of this post gives some very wise advice about lifestyle changes. I think of skin care as only one tool in my toolbox against acne.

  27. Lerosett is a marvelous product that both my son and I use. He has serious cystic acne, which he finally got under control at a skin clinic using light treatments and microdermabrasion and Lerosett. Once better, he has continued to use the Lerosett clay mask, which the skin clinic uses, and it is a miracle product. He loves it and it controls any new breakouts.

    Because the product is in the house, I’ve begun using it, too, and love it. I have mild acne, which is completely under control with Lerosett.

  28. wow! what drama!

    agreed, zinc is both natural and a chemical. but i would consider a product with zinc still to be all natural.

    i have to say that i googled lerosett after coming across an ad online and arrived at this blog, and honestly, the way this company presents themselves makes me not want to try it.

    the author of the blog post does not slander, but merely points out issues with the claims that THE COMPANY THEMSELVES make. and they are valid issues. the reason i googled lerosett in the first place was because their website put me on guard.

    the claims are absurd. even in posting the clinical trial, the data shows it is not 100% effective. 30% show “somewhat better”? first of all, there’s no definition in the study as to what “somewhat better” means. is that a 10% reduction in acne? 20%? 2%? no idea. second, and more important: if i were to try a product, and i considered that it made my acne “somewhat better”, i wouldn’t call it effective. in fact, i’d call it “somewhat effective” 🙂 so i GUESS by the loosest possible definition, if 0% showed no improvement or got worse, then you could say it’s 100% effective.

    additionally, looking around online, people have definitely reported reactions to lerosett where their skin got worse. does that, in itself, make it a bad product? of course not. everyone has different skin and there’s bound to be a few people it doesn’t work on. and that makes me question the 0% stayed the same or got worse result in the study. 20 people (not placebo) is a pretty small sample too.

    how about posting information on the % of free trials that are returned?

    also, i use a lot of arcona products, and they are all natural and chemical free, so that claim is patently untrue. and arcona isn’t even the only line out there. if you look around you can even find products made completely macrobiotically.

    finally, the company’s reaction to this blog post is ridiculous. i think that if a company is so insecure that they need to open a law suit over a single word in some random blog post, then their products don’t have a leg to stand on.

    this blog post did NOT make me think twice about using lerosett. i had the same thoughts the blogger did when i looked at the lerosett website. the company’s presentation and reaction has made me not want to try it.

    i think if they are really so confident in their products, they would clean up their website of absurd claims and list local distributors. they should also define the results in the clinical trial. they should not sign people up for automatic shipments. i was interested in this product before reading through everything on THEIR OWN website, and seeing their reaction here.

  29. Haha, I agree. Papaya tastes great! Papalicious is a good word for it The only time I dont like papaya is when they pick it while its still green to use in some dishes in Malaysia. Too sour.

  30. I stayed on the Lerosett website for hours looking for the ingredient list because my skin is very sensitive. I’ve tried over the years to use natural or organic products. I do believe eating and sleep habits affect hormones which in turn cause skin reactions. At least thats the pattern I’ve noticed in myself. Change of seasons seems to affect my skin also.

    I answered the skincare questionnaire on the Lerosett website and purchased the system recommended for my specific issues. If there are ingredients lists for each item, I didn’t find them. I should have known better than to order something without KNOWING what the ingredients are, whether I overlooked the list or not. One of the products recommended for me contains Propylene Glycol and Methyl Paraben. Correct me if I’m wrong but neither of those ingredients are natural or organic. In fact, most of the ‘Ingredients to Avoid” lists I’ve seen have both of those ingredients listed because they’re known to be carcinogenic. I used the cleanser and mask tonight but skipped the serum. Right now, skin is very itchy and red. Looks worse but I will see what happens by morning. If I could just use some line that gave me decent results, I’d be happy. I’ve found that no line of products works for 100% of their customers 100% of the time. And my dermatologist told me years ago that just because a product is expensive doesn’t mean they use expensive ingredients, only that they are making more profit!

    My wish is that each of the customers that have ever been disappointed that another overpriced skin care line made empty promises would find a product that works for them. I am 42 and have dealt with this problem since puberty. My wish is that tomorrow morning I would wake up with soft, clear skin so that I would not waste any more time looking for another product.

    1. I agree! I have so many allergies and I do want a product that helps get rid of my acne, but I can’t do it without knowing the ingredients. What I know is that you can dry up your pimple to get rid of it, but if you do it too fast, your skin may be really dry and cysts may form

  31. “LEROSETT® is chemical free

    Zinc is a chemical.”

    To type that “zinc is a chemical” is really a sad and disappointing incorrect statement to read. If no one has bothered to mention this on this thread, it either means that they are quite unfamiliar with chemistry, they didn’t see what you typed, or they are too indifferent to bring this incorrect statement to your attention.

    To whomever typed this thread, zinc is NOT a chemical. Zinc is a metallic mineral that is an element of the periodic table, which is to say it is an atom. So because a substance like hydrogen is an element/atom, does that make hydrogen a chemical?
    Of course not.

    Seeing as though you don’t what you are talking about in one area of your thread, it makes a wise observer wonder, “how much more error may there be in your claims and accusations?”

  32. Im sitting here with my first lerosett mask on and after reading all this i want to go under the covers and cry. ah this was such a horrible long post to read… i feel discouraged now after reading it.

  33. A year ago I finally went to seek help with what I thought was acne, and was told I had rosacea and can’t get answers bout the difference between them. I would like to know if any acne products will have similar results for rosacea. After all, it is also know as adult acne…. I’m confused can anyone help?

  34. Go to Renewed Faces and try Unblemished, it is part of the skin care line from Rodan and Fields. they are the doctors that created proactive. they also have a line for Rosacea called sooth.

    1. Rodan and Fields sell bottles of water with benzoyl peroxide in it, its nothing new, its just marketing and Proactiv is nothing to brag about other than brilliant celebrity marketing. Go see a specialist, rosacea is not acne and acne is a real skin disease that more than most people don’t really have.

  35. Im a 29 year old female and I have had severe long term acne for all my life. I have tried millions of products but to no avail!!! I recently started using lerosett and I must say I LOVE it. I have a smooth face for the first time n my life and for someone to speak so harsh about a product they have never used is just asinine. People could possibly miss out on a chance of a life time because of this site and its BS! Now im not sayn my acne is cured but trust n believe with the results I got how can a difference be told? This site should be shame for having a problem with someone because they choose to voice they opinion they way they wanted to!

  36. I tried Lerosett but unfortunately, it didn’t improve my facial acne at all It dried my skin and actually increased the oiliness on my face.
    The silver lining on this product however, is that I found your brilliant website while searching for independent reviews on Lerosett .

    Excellent job. I have been looking for such a website for years!

  37. Phew! Everyone makes good points in this argument. As a skincare professional and a personsl sufferer of acne I have found that you just have to try some things for yourself bc everyone’s skin is different. The mask which is the main part of tgis system is only $34 and there is a 60 day moneyback. Thats not expensive at all in comparison to other stuff. The worst that can happend is it dosent work and you get your money back. You will be at the same place when you started! Make sure yoi follow the directions exactly even the best stuff will fail if you dont use it properly! I myself am eager to try!

  38. What a long thread, you can so easily see who works for a competing company and who doesn’t. Even as a physician myself “not a dermatologist” I will tell you most people don’t have acne “its a disease” they just have common problem skin, but not me, I do actually have acne and I did get Lerosett. The reason why is I could not find another reputable product with only 2 ingredients, I saw more testimonials from the Lerosett site than any other site out there. But thats not why I tried it, I tried it because no other brand has professional testimonials from acne specialists who use it. I got it, followed the directions “something I know most people DO NOT DO” and I am grateful that I did. The site listed dozens of skin care professionals that use Lerosett every day “and their phone numbers” what other brand has that. I paid $2.95 to get it sent to me, after 3 weeks they charged me $34 because I did not call then to return it, I didn’t want to return it. Everyone is different this is a fact. If a company will send you their products to use for weeks BEFORE you pay for them and let you send it back without ever charging you more if you don’t like the product well thats as fair as any brand can be.

      1. Yes I called Lady Dee, Skin Care by Michelle and Beauty Store Depot, they are all real. What a conspiracy if all the numbers were fake, dont you think people would call them on it and the lie would come out. ITS ALL REAL.

  39. I have been reading every comment in this website. And decided I’m going to order Lerosett. Every acne website and over the counter products is a risk to buy to begin with. Purchasing any kind of product, is really crossing your fingers and hoping it will work. I tried everything!!! From over the counter products to visiting a dermatologist faithfully, paying hundreds of dollars. And my acne is still there. I don’t blame the products because, I Know, every skin type are different. Some products work for others and some doesn’t. Just like proactive, Murad, skin ID etc. I ordered them and tried them all. They dry out my skin and does nothing for me. but I wouldn’t state that its a scam. Only, because i believe it works for others, unfortunately not me.

    My mission is to search for the right product for my skin, and I wouldn’t know unless I tried it for myself. I went on this website, because I wanted to know the ratings between Lerosett and other brands. My personal opinion would be, If your just looking at the Lerosett website and writing so much wrongful things about it. At least try the product before you write so much about it.

    Most websites and products states its 99% effective, are you gonna argue and write a review about all of them too. That doesn’t mean out of 100 people, 99 are satisfy, so why are you wording everything to that extent? If thats YOUR case, I don’t think there is a single product out there you would be satisfy about!!!

  40. I am a 31 year old female and I’ve suffered from severe acne since the age of 13.
    Over the years I have tried everything (Exposed Skin Care, Murad, Proactiv, Dr Haushka, antibiotics, benozyl peroxid, salisylic acid, etc etc), and the past years I’ve been trying to find a natural acne treatment that would work. I have tried Lerosett for 6 months and it does NOT work. Like some other users, I started getting really bad break outs all over my face – also where I had never had acne before. Really bad cystic acne. For months I thought it would get better if I just had patience, but after 6 months I gave up. Several times I was in contact with Gunilla of Sweden customer service, and they kept telling me I was going through a “purging period”, and soon would start to clear up. Unfortunately that never happened. My skin is now very dry, irritated and has bad cystic acne and blackheads. I am still suffering from bad cysts and now I need to try to find some other acne treatment products which hopefully would work better than Lerosett. I am so disappointed in this company and do not
    recommend this product to anyone. Also, Gunilla of Sweden charges 35 dollars for a tube of clay, and in Sweden you can buy the same Lerosett clay for approximately 8 dollars (it’s just another brand, but the same clay).

    1. I also have contacted them several times to only to hear have patience and that I’m purging but surely it could not take this long to bring it all out and still be getting new pimples every day after 6 weeks of continual use twice a day using a FULL mask.

      1. You probably dont have acne but something similar. See a dermatologist because if Lerosett didn’t work and you did what they said you may have a fungal issue that lerosett wont have an effect on, maybe even some staff infection in your follicles. Check it out.

  41. I have suffered with acne since I was 14 & I too have tried everything and the things that worked for me were Proactive and the contraceptive pill which are not good as a long term solutions. The last year or so I have been really interested in health and fitness and am eating organically, exercising, getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking loads of water and started using only natural products in every aspect of my life that are not tested on animals. When I came off Proactive my skin went crazy and even worse again when I recently went off the pill as my partner and I are starting a family. I have recently fallen pregnant and started using the 4 part Lerosett system using the face wash WITHOUT the salicylic acid in it. I was hoping this was the answer to all my problems. Unfortunately I too have had NO improvement at all and in fact my skin is worse. I don’t want to say that it is the Lerosett that is making my skin worse as I am pregnant so my hormones are in overdrive (and it has always been hormonal acne that I have suffered with) so it could be due to that, but Lerosett it is defiantly not making it better and claims to be the #1 acne system for pregnant woman when you do a Google search. I’m not saying it will not work for everyone, just saying it is not working for me but everyone is different and it’s worth a try I guess. I will give it until I finish the whole of the second tube I purchased and will continue to hope that my “PATIENCE & PERSISTENCE” will pay off but I doubt it if I’m not seeing any sign of improvement by now. My problem is that even some natural products & herbs are a big no no for pregnant woman so if this doesn’t end up working I don’t know what my next step will be. If anyone has any suggestions that are safe during pregnancy I would be happy to hear them. I do believe living a healthy life style like this blog suggest can only help with your skin problems but if you suffer from hormonal acne like me no matter how healthy you are it probably won’t make that much of a difference as it hasn’t for me. Nevertheless the other health benefits from living a healthy life style are defiantly worth it and I would strongly suggest everyone try and look after themselves with diet, exercise and good sleeping patterns. Good luck to all of you as I can relate to so many of your stories.

  42. Have any of you that say Lerosett DOESNT work, had an allergy test? I’ve been struggling with acne since I’ve had my child 4 years ago and nothing seems to work! And believe me I’ve tried EVERYTHING! I’ve been doing a lot of research and have found that many people that have acne that doesn’t seem to improve have resulted in getting an allergy test done to see if maybe that’s the cause of inflammation of the face (acne). The outcome from my research seems to be that possibly one of the reasons that acne persists is bc of eating foods that you can be mildly allergic to and not even realize it. So, sure enough, I had an blood test done to check for allergies and turns out I’m allergic to dairy, nuts, wheat, soy, corn, sesame, maple, the list goes on! I just purchased Lerosett to give it a try but just wanted to know if anyone out there has looked to food allergies as a probable cause of their acne?

  43. Many of my clients who have rosacea incorrectly believe they have acne — not the same thing, not the same treatments. Those of you who’ve had issues with the product… are you sure your problem is acne?

    Keep in mind that Proactiv is often a good short term solution, but not something that will keep your skin in good condition (or is healthy) over the long haul. If you have acne/blemishes in just a few areas — spot treat those areas, whether it’s with Lerosett or something else. Don’t get overly vigorous with products in areas that are not affected.

    And thank you to the person who pointed out that zinc is not a chemical. It’s a mineral. It can be an active ingredient, but is not a chemical.

  44. My son 14 year old son, who started off with somewhere between mild to moderate acne when he started with lerosett clay, and ended up with severe acne after 6 weeks of use. I ordered the free 21 day trial, and a couple of days before the 21 days were up, I contacted customer service, and told them that he was getting worse each week. They said that it sounded like he needed more time, and sent another tube of clay, along with a free healing serum. Again a couple of days before the 42 days were up, I contacted them again informing them that he still continued to get worse each week and got the information that I needed to send the unused clay back so I would not get charge. With so many great reviews on many sites I was hoping this would work. I’m happy for those that this has helped them, but there are going to be some that will only get worse using this. I do have to say that everytime I contacted customer service , that they weer very nice, and took their time to listen and try to help, which was a pleasant surprise. Most online companies have crappy customer service. I now have found a acne clinic about 20 miles from my home that is owned by a licensed estatician, thats all they treat is acne, with no drugs, and we started him there last week. She said that it will take about three months to clear him up. She told us that what appears on your face is something that started under your skin as much as three months earlier. There is no over night or several day cure, and that there is no cure for acne, but it can be treated and controlled.

    1. Hey to the above comment…Can you tell me what you/your son used in the end to control and heal his acne after 3 months.

      1. I wonder if you had give LEROSETT 3 months that it would have worked. It sounds to me like his acne is just so deep he is looking at 30-40 days of purging before he even starts to clear. Its just that way with some peoples acne, they knew that at Lerosett and even gave you free products. Like you said, a company with that good of customer service and sends you more products for free and then never charges you for any of it it amazing. Lerosett is obviously very confident.

  45. I just noticed something. Go look at LEROSETT FaceBook Page

    Its effectively all compliments, even, “Who do I hug” Then I noticed you cannot even post on some of the other acne sites.

    The facts are people expect perfection so 9 of 10 unhappy people these days will write a negative review. But only 1 or 2 out of 10 Happy customer write positive reviews. People usually only write when they are emotional not when they are satisfied. So if people write on this thread negative stuff how many had great reactions to the products, went on with their lives and didn’t write anything positive.

    So notice their FaceBook page, its almost all positive, and if there is a complaint I see they commented fast to the customer…I think Facebook threads are pretty reliable because you know they are real people and there you can ask the person yourself.

    Again, nothing works for everybody, they have a 60 day return policy.

  46. I have tried dozens of masks over the years, and I have spent a small fortune. Each one promised the world. Some were good, but most did NOT help my acne. I tried this one you recommended, but the Citrus Clear Extracting Mask is a miracle for my sensitive, acne-prone skin. I have the beginnings of wrinkles, especially around my eyes. My pores are so huge that I am sure you can seem them from the Space Shuttle.
    This Citrus Clear mask has worked wonders on evening out my skin tone. I find myself petting my face afterwards because it is so smooth, too!

    Even on my sensitive skin, I haven’t had any major irritation.

  47. I have used LEROSETT clay for 3 months now. It has definietly helped my skin a lot. I didnt read the trial rules, but since i liked the results in the first month, I didnt mind
    receiving a shipment every 4 weeks (proactiv did this, and when i called to cancel they literally gave me the run around and pretty much wouldnt let me cancel my subscription, I did evevntually) I recently changed an item in my order to the healing serum for acne scars, so Im excited to try that. Everytime I go online to chat with a live agent someone immediantely helped me. Made the changes I wanted without my payments increasing. This company is definitely NOT A SCAM, does it work on everyone? probably not. It worked on me and i suffered from acne for over 15 years. Now just trying to rid my face of the acne scars.

  48. In Europe you can buy Benzoyl Peroxide at any drugstore, so saying you need to get it from a doctor is NOT true

  49. This has to do with Lerosett but it also has to do with what Lerosett represents in a world of damaging acne products ……Remember Lerosett is Drug-Free and is as good if not MUCH better that what’s out there. But its healthy and if you want to know why there are no real clinical trials. Well its the same reason Proactiv doesn’t have them or any acne brand does. To do comparative clinical trials by a 3rd party on multiple acne brands, multiple levels of acne under placebo conditions would cost in the neighborhood of $3-$5 Million. Go ask Proactiv, Iq Derma, Acne Free, ClearAsil, Stridex, where are your clinical trials? They don’t have them, and if they did they would hide them because the results are to low. To many factors. Want to know if a brand works, ask what the refund rate is. Proactiv will never tell you that. Try 40%

    It is Interesting that Proativ that is water and benzoyl peroxide that was apparently invented by two female doctors, except it was already invented before the Vietnam War.

    BP was used in the 70’s for acne, and Proactiv in the UK uses Salicylic Acid, not BP. Katy Perry got in trouble for it. Proactiv got into a lot of trouble too for not telling the truth in advertising.

    See Link, Proactiv lied about their expensive water and BP or SA product.

    Just what did the doctors invent? BP from the early 60’s or SA that Revlon invented in 1922? Or did they invent water?

    The fact is its all marketing, 90% of every acne product you pick up will have water as the #1 ingredient to lower cost and BP or SA or both. That’s it folks, nothing new here. Unless you go the aloe and clay based rout that doctors are pushing these days because it helps the skin. Its what this article is about.

    Everyone knows BP, cannot cure cystic acne, the reason is simple. Nothing can cure acne or any kind and if you’re a teen, you have hormone related pimples, not acne. Acne is chronic skin disease that you can only treat, so treat it with something that doesn’t cause free radicals in UV rays, hyper pigmentation or thinning of skin.

    Does it not make sense that people want their incurable acne to be cured as soon as possible? YES. So they get the strongest thing they can find. The problem is when they get “Temporarily” clear they continue to use the overly strong formula and cause unknown damage to the skin.

    I found 30 acne experts that say LEROSETT® is the best thing for acne

    ps. Proactiv does $800M a year. In the 90’s acne brands combined did $367M…Acne epidemic? No, just kids who listen to their idols who have no pimples other than normal and they buy Proactiv. Why the high sales though? Simple. Proactiv has “I’m in marketing” convinced people who don’t have acne or pimples that to prevent them from getting pimples they should use Proactiv. So, a drug is being advertised to young people who do not have the disease it was mean for.

    And here you all are arguing over an acne treatment that is literally eatable its so safe, been around for 3 decades and called magic by dermatologists. It’s from Sweden so that means it costs more, it’s called taxes. But you get what you pay for.

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