Boron & Acne

Several users who comment on this thread have found that taking a daily dose of boron decreases acne symptoms, especially when combined with Vitamin B complex, Zinc, and a properly managed sleep cycle.  If you have experimented with Boron, please tell us about your results here.

Boron is a naturally occurring vitamin that is found in almost all plants.

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  1. I take:
    90mg Opti-zinc
    2000 iu Vitamin D3
    2000mg Fish Oil
    3mg Triple Boron Complex
    Probiotic Gold
    Vitamins A, C, E, and Selenium
    B Complex 50mg

    I always fall asleep and wake up at the exact same time (not on purpose) so I guess I do have a great sleep cycle.

    I do not eat any dairy or bread.

    As far as exercise, I have a physical labor job, so about 9 hours per day I am sweating and have my heart rate up.

    Basically I started this regimen to quit Benzoyl Peroxide because it was killing my skin. It left me acne-free, but I am 26 now and need to start thinking about premature aging. Although I never use any chemicals in my laundry, am shampoo and soap free, and wouldn’t use any chemicals in my makeup, it never occurred to me that I am putting all kinds of weird chemicals directly on my face when I would use BP. With this regimen I am slowly weaning off the BP and just using jojoba oil to moisturize my skin and I am pretty clear, about 90%. I wish I would have found this site years ago!

  2. Hi,

    I’m 33 and have never had clear skin until now. Have tried everything. My skin improved greatly when I went vegan but I was worried my hair wasn’t looking great and went to Holland and Barratt and was told to make sure I was getting enough protein and given SILICA COMPLEX for hair, skin and nails. My skin is amazing, finally, it’s hard to believe all the lumps and bumps are gone! I’ve just had a really stressful period of exams and still it’s perfect. I actually can’t believe it. Thought I’d share this, you never know! : )

  3. Hello!

    First, I want to thank you for putting this info online.

    Second, I want to suggest that you correct this statement in your opening paragraph on this page:
    “Boron is a naturally occurring vitamin that is found in almost all plants.”

    Boron is an element that the body requires, but that does not make it a vitamin. My understanding is that the word “vitamin” refers to organic compounds that our bodies need for health, and which they cannot manufacture from metabolism. Since boron is not an organic compound, but a metalloid element, it isn’t a vitamin.

    Third, there’s a handy list of foods that contain boron, along with other boron facts at the NIH website: Nice to see our tax dollars at work in this way :^)

    Thanks again for all you do!

  4. I tried boron after reading the nexus magazine article on the boron conspiracy, regardless of whether or not the pharmaceutical industry is giving boron/ borax compounds the backseat and a paper bags on their heads, I have stopped getting little blackheads and bumps on my face and back since I started taking it a month ago, though I take ionic boron because I was worried about heavy metal contaminants in borax. How are you guys getting your boron?

    I would say it’s definitely an acne cure… I wish I had found boron instead of going on roaccutane which made me depressed as hell (although it did work and completely got rid of it after a year).

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