Risperdal & Acne

Have you experienced oily skin, dryness, acne breakouts, or other skin related side effects from your Risperdal prescription? If so, please tell us about them below.

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  1. Yes, since I have started 1.5 mg Risperidone I have developed oily skin. It seems like my pores become clogged very quickly. I make sure that I wash my face once a day. I have developed acne all over my face – it is not severe – and it pops up most often on my nose, cheeks, and forehead. I have also noticed a little bit of acne on other parts of my body as well. Again, the acne is mostly subtle but I do notice it.

  2. Today is my first day at 1.5 mgs of risperidone after being on 1 mg for a week. Normally (unmedicated) I almost never get acne. The acne was starting while I was on 1 mg. it was subtle small bumps on my back. Then a couple on my face. Small dots on my four head. The small pimples are residual and need to be washed or they will get worse. Pimples usually go away fast but these go a scab on the top. Possibly from dryness after washing. My nose pores and other pores are oily and also full of the white oil stuff. Squeeze my nose and it’s oily. I was about 3 times a day plus a shower. Use face wash 2 times a day. I must say that the medicine is working though. Hope I don’t get worse acne or I may switch. As I’m so not use to having acne. As I get used to it I’ll keep it. If medicine quality isn’t good enough then this medicine is a no. Take care of skin and a me can decrease. Depends ok genetics too.

  3. I use to have bad ance. I took Absorbica (an Accutane sister drug) and it fixed my ance. Now that I am taking Risperidal 1mg the ance is back in force. I have as many as 20-30 pimples on my chin and cheeks total at any given time.

  4. My autistic son has been taking it since 2015 2mg at night his skin is super oily and he gets a lot of acne now. Some are just straight filled with blood. Some are black heads with blood following during the next day. It’s weird. He also sweatbands really nasty odor. It’s so potent. It’s not like B.O smell. He is 17. IDK man they are switching his meds and tapering down of empirical. I will let you know if his skin and body odor and oily skin clears up in a couple months. He will be tapering for the next 5 weeks.

  5. I used to take Risperdal, starting when I was in Kindergarten, and ending when I was in 7th Grade. I got my first pimple when I was in 1st Grade. I had other side effects, as well, but since this is an acne site, I’m just going to focus on the acne. After that first pimple, I started getting more of them. I got them on my nose, inside my nose, on my cheeks, around the corners of my nose, on my chin, etc. I even a stye (a type of pimple found on the eye – and I do mean on the eye) when I was in 3rd Grade. I still have acne, but since getting off of Risperdal, it has calmed down now. For reference, I just graduated High School.

  6. I’m in my early 20s, I have never had skin problems, aside from a pimple here and there, until I started taking Risperdal. Now I cannot get rid of it. I stopped due to a multitude of side effects I was having and my skin is still not clear.

  7. I am glad to find out about this. I am 50 years old. After taking R for about 2 months, I noticed my hair would get very greasy after just 2 days. So bad I could not go out in public without a hat. (Before I could spay a little more hairspray and get away with it.)
    My first break out I thought I had an allergic reaction to a new soap. . It was on my face, neck and chest. Most of it went away but I am still getting break outs on my face, neck and in my hair line. As a teen, I had a few breakouts hear and there. Never any big deal. THIS is a big deal!! I break out with a new pimple every day. Now that I have figured out what is making me break out, I am going to talk to my doctor to decide if I should continue this med or not.
    Before this I had not had a pimple for about 5-6 years. When I did, it was only one.

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