Pizza Hut & Acne

Does eating at Pizza Hut cause acne breakouts? For me, it does, without a doubt. This isn’t Pizza Hut’s fault. It’s just the nature of the acne beast. The two things that break me out the worst are gluten and dairy, and pizza has this in spades. Bread sticks aren’t exactly acne-friendly, either, nor is pasta. Both items are full of gluten. As for the wings, well it depends what they are fried in. If you know what Pizza Hut uses to cook there wings, please post it below.

At most restaurants, I recommend ordering a salad (without cheese) and use olive oil as a dressing. However, I cannot find a single item on the Pizza Hut menu that works on the diet plan.

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  1. Omg this happened to me. We ordered two medium pizza and I ate half of it and the next day I had breakouts. It’s not the normal ones, it’s the one under the muscle of the skin. The zits which are the most painful. I had three or four of them.

  2. Ok. I had to Google pizza hut and acne after eating pizza hut and within 2 hours huge ugly breakouts. … The week before I ordered pizza hut and got 3 (uncharacteristically for me) large yucky breakouts and several little ones all over….. my fiance kept scolding me all week for picking at my face. I’m thirty. Now I know I’m not crazy!

    1. Guys! Me too!! Omg my face is a mess but it tasted so good. I’m pretty sure it’s a combination of gluten, dairy and the vegetable oil they fry the base in. It was mad greasy and oh so delicious. I don’t regret anything but I’ll steer clear for a while!!

  3. 30 years old male, no history of acne, whatsoever. Shower every day, sometimes twice. Reluctantly ate 2 slices of pep and a 2 slivers of cheesy bread. After only 5 hours of sleep I awoke to a throbbing pressure pimple by my ear and my first ever knee pimple. Also, the odors coming off of me are the worst in recollection. I wish I could just walk away from myself at this point.

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