Fasting and Acne

Fasting is the single fastest and best way to improve your skin.

Intermittent fasting (eating for 8 hours/day, fasting for 16) will make a difference in your skin. But there is nothing like a serious fast for getting rid of all acne. A 24 hour fast is where benefits begin to show, but at 48 hours+ the real progress is made.

A 48 hour fast will leave your skin looking smooth, fresh, and with zero new acne. Each extra day offers more benefits. I did two 48 hour fasts this month, and my skin looked smoother, less red, and younger than it has in recent memory. They were hard, but I was never dying from hunger. I even experienced moments of extreme focus and high energy. It was great watching my skin heal itself.

Fasting likely helps with acne because it reduces inflammation in the body, lowers blood sugar levels, triggers autophagy, and improves insulin sensitivity. It’s also a more natural way to live. We didn’t evolve to eat all day, every day.

If you’ve tried diet modifications and failed to improve your skin, try fasting. I guarantee it will make a huge difference. Tim Ferris has written a lot about how to get started with a fast here:

Have you experimented with fasting? Tell us about it in the comments.

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