Does Psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms) cause acne?

Please tell us about your experiences with psilocybin and skin health below.

A mushroom is the body of a specific type of fungus. There is a common belief in the acne community, albeit scarcely backed by evidence, that fungus feeds yeast/candida in the gut and can cause acne. Even if consuming fungus does lead to acne, the amount consumed by the typical person looking for a psychedelic experience is tiny. Nevertheless, we are interested to hear about our readers’ experiences.

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  1. I have a fairly regimented routine. Not too many swings in diet or activity.
    The only thing that changed was microdosing with gummy shrooms.
    After 1/8 (and odd time 1/4) of gram every 2-3 days after about a week and a half I started to develop a deep cyst like pimple on my chest. Ok. One cyst I guess isn’t TOO out of the ordinary…I guess. But then another one developed just under it a couple days later. Then one on my face. I never get deep ones on my face. Then smaller ones on my shoulders and back.
    Like 12-15 in total.
    Now this IS out of the ordinary.
    So…screw that.
    Maybe I’ll microdose once every couple months as I did see benefits the next day in my state overall but not enough to deal with cysts, lol

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