Does Juuling cause acne?

Please us about your experiences with Juuling and acne in the comments section below.

Nicotine is a stimulant, and a Juul contains a a very high concentration of it. 55-60 milligrams of nicotine per ml of liquid, according to some estimates.

There are a number of mechanisms by which stimulants can cause or aggravate acne, including sleep disruption, increased stress and cortisol production, increased production of sebum, disruption of circadian processes, altering your nutrition habits, and modification of body chemistry.

Still, there is more research that indicates that nicotine may help with acne than vice versa.

This 60-person study of women showed a direct correlation between smoking and acne. This 27,000 person study, however, showed a 30% lower prevalence of severe acne in young men who smoked. This study surveyed 165 patients and again found that nicotine may have some form of anti-inflammatory effect on acne.

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