Does heroin/fentanyl acne cause acne?

Due to the illegal nature of heroin, there is little public information about the link between heroin and acne.

Heroin usage is on the rise, with nearly 20,000 overdose deaths expected in 2017. In 2010, only 2500 people/year died from the drug.

We are interested in the relationship between heroin and acne. If you have any experience with heroin or fentanyl, please tell us about how it affected your skin.

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  1. Ridiculous concern. If a person uses heroin acne is the least of their problems.
    People die every year from heroin and you guys are concerned about whether or not they have clear skin.
    Take a look at a method addicts skin. It’s covered in acne. So wouldn’t it be safe to assume anyone who abuses drugs and alters their hormones as well as they’re mental state might have acne. Stress can cause acne. Don’t you think heroin users might be a little stressed worrying about where their next fix is going to come from or who they’re going to have to steal from to get it? Ever seen a heroin addict on a commercial talking about what products that use to keep they’re skin clear and smooth? Uh, no.

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