Alcohol causes acne

The link between alcohol and acne is clear: Drinkers will almost always suffer from an increase in acne. There are a variety of mechanisms by which alcohol can trigger acne: Poor sleep, disrupting your circadian rhythm by staying up late, inflammation caused by alcohol itself, and sugar/grain/etc added to the alcoholic beverage itself. Even the fermentation process can yield yeasts that bacteria/fungus in your body feed on to make acne worse.

If you have skin problems, don’t drink. You’ll look and feel better. Remember, acne permanently damages your skin. The longer you have acne, the more long term damage skin damage you’ll suffer. Treat this problem immediately. An easy step is to cease alcohol consumption.

If you must drink, avoid beer and wine. Stick to vodka mixed with soda water (not tonic water), and less than one drink per night.

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