Do Jergens Natural Glow Products Cause Acne?

Jergens Natural Glow products may help you achieve a desired bronze look, but does it contribute to skin breakouts? Please tell us about your experience.

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  1. I just started using Jng like 2 weeks ago and I started to get tan. I was like wow it actually works and it does but soon after the second week I get red bumps that looked like pimples but not pimples. They are pain full and annoying and very itchy. I just had 6 tattoos done but the first 2 was weeks before using the natural glow and never got any bumps. Now the last tattoo I got I got all these bumps everywhere. Idk weather to say its the natural glow or from the tattoo.. any one know if its got any side effects that cause this. Thanks

  2. Jergens natural glow definitely was responsible for similar itchy pimples on my legs. I had not noticed this in the past, with 1-2 x week use, however this started when I applied 3x week. Just to be sure, I stopped its use, and the symptoms went away after several days. I resumed using and the bumps and intense itching came right back after one application. I am now looking for a different self-tanner. Too bad, as I do believe this is a good product, with natural looking results

  3. I recently just bought this in fair-medium, I applied it once everyday after my shower as it says to use as my daily moisturizer. By the 3rd day I noticed my forearm had small little red dots all over, I didn’t think anything of it. The next day I noticed my thighs started getting the bumps, and now today my face. I threw the product out after reading other reviews how this causes horrible breakouts. ******DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT UNLESS YOU WANT ITCHY/RASHY SKIN******

  4. Just bought the light-medium tint and I followed directions properly as it says to use this in place of your daily moisturizer, so I applied it every day after my shower. By the 3rd day my arms broke out in small red dots, the next day it appeared on my thighs, and the by the end of my first week using it, my face (WHICH HAS NEVER HAD ACNE ISSUES) completely broke out into a bumpy rash. I decided to look up reviews and found out that this product has caused the same issues to so many other people. After throwing the product out, the dots have reduced in just 2 days. I really thought Jergens was a trusted brand, I guess not… Definitely never buying anything Jergens again. *DON’T USE THIS PRODUCT*

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