Does Applebee’s Cause Acne Breakouts?

Best item on the Applebee’s menu for avoiding acne:

1) The *12 oz. New York Strip with broccoli instead of potatoes
2) Grilled Shrimp ‘N Spinach Salad with no cheese and instead of the regular dressing, ask for extra virgin olive oil

Worst item: Take your pick, but the Three-Cheese Chicken Penne, with dairy, sugar, and gluten, looks like a delightful fuel for acne-causing bacteria.

Do you experience acne breakouts after a trip to Applebees? If so, tell us what item on the menu broke you out.

Also, we are looking to find out what type of cooking oil Applebee’s uses. If you have this information, please post it below.

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  1. Before reading this post, I ordered the spinach and shrimp salad at Applebees and asked them to bring me olive oil and fresh lemons on the side (my default dressing when I eat out to avoid all the hydrogenated oils) The waiter told me they did not have any olive oil!!! I was incredulous, as were my dinner mates. I asked him what type of oil they cook with, and he told me butter. I have nothing against butter (I love it, in fact) but it does not have a very high smoke point for cooking so I doubt that his answer is true. Two of my dinner companions had pasta and they said it was very greasy and that it definitely tasted like some sort of oil, not butter.

    BTW, Red Lobster is another restaurant that claimed to have no olive oil. My instinct is to avoid restaurants that don’t use olive oil!

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