Success Stories and Regimens

Before the scientific method, we had collective learning. One person learned something and passed it on. Collective learning is what distinguishes us from all of the other species. We can learn from each other, and pass the knowledge on. When it comes to modern medicine, this has been ignored to a surprising extent. Instead of looking for what has worked for other people, we are waiting for science to provide us with a pill to end acne once-and-for-all. That pill isn’t here yet, but the Internet is filled with stories about people who cleared their skin. Most of the methods used have a common theme: vitamin supplementation, eliminating sugar, and eating a mostly plant-based diet.

Here are some links to stories about people who found a way to cure their acne.

Clear skin achieved by spending all day outdoors

I’ve had acne for a long time and finally cured it. Here’s a huge post of guidelines to follow that will probably cure yours too.

How I became acne-free in six months by living healthier (and with a little help from apple cider vinegar)

I discovered that around 200mg/day of zinc picolinate could, under some circumstances, make me dramatically acne-free for the first time ever.

How I cleared my acne after 26 years

“Diet isn’t related to acne…” Bullcrap! Here is my proof!

I cleared my acne with 6 months on Accutane.

For the past 3-4 months, I started doing Stillman diet. Its a low carb diet with high protein intake. Basically it eliminates all diary, all breads and all sugars. The result….I havent had a single breakout in the past 3-4 months.

Finally, a post from a visitor:

I will give you a beauty secret, for free. It will save you tons of money. Take it from a 35 years old who still gets carded every other time she orders a drink. Try to use as little products on your face as possible – you need only 3 products: moisturizer, sunscreen and a very gentle cleanser. Wash you skin with water rather than a cleanser as much as possible. I use Cetaphil only once every other week. Moisturize your face daily- preferably with a gentle and rich moisturizer (I recommend Webber Vitamin E Cream or Body Shop’s vitamin E cream). Try to limit makeup to special events as much as possible. Never step out without sunscreen on your face, even in the winter. Drink lots of water. A balanced diet with lots of veggies and fruits is essential. Red meat no more than once a week. Lots of fish. Avoid soft drinks, fast foods and processed foods like the plague. Some kind of physical activity once in a while helps too. No smoking, no caffeine. Make sure you get good nights of rest. Hope this helps someone.

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