How to find the full body of study abstracts from PubMed, for free

The scientific world of 2016 is broken. Dozens of studies have proven that diet has a profound impact on acne, yet the American Academy of Dermatology’s official position is that diet has no effect on acne. A terrible position that will shame them for at least 100 years, once all of the evidence is out….

Mouth breathing and Acne

“Indeed, if one were to predict among a large group of elementary school boys just exactly who is likely to go on to a life of chronic and painful love-shyness, there does not appear to be any better or more readily observable medical predictor than that of difficulties involving the nose.” – Brian Gilmartin, Professor…

The Superoxide Dismutase Theory

Summary: Studies have shown that people who produce more superoxide dismutase (SOD) experience fewer and less intense acne breakouts. A person can produce more SOD can be by regulating the melatonin cycle and treating carb malabsorption; both are explained in great detail in this article. The skin’s failure to produce sufficient superoxide dismutase (SOD) is…

Researchers wanted

Are you a scientist with a background in nutrition or biochemistry, with an interest in conducting clinical research on acne and skin health? Please contact We have a budget for both your salary and the research effort itself.

Lifestyle Changes That Affected Acne

We asked our users ‘Have you ever made a lifestyle change that made your acne dramatically better or worse? If so, tell us about it..” About 30% of survey respondents replied with some variety of ‘I have never identified a lifestyle change that had an effect on my acne.’ Here are their other replies: “I…