Does Valtrex (valacyclovir HCl) cause or cure acne? Valtrex reviews.

If you have used Valtrex (valacyclovir HCl) and experienced an increase or decrease in acne, please tell us about it here. Be sure to include as much information as possible, including when you started taking Valtrex, the dosage, other side effects you experienced, and anything else that might be relevant. Acne is sometimes a side effect of prescription drug usage, but other times it has to do with hard-to-track-down lifestyle changes, bacteria in your gut, or nutrient deficiency. In our experience, the best way to treat acne is by eliminating sugar, flour, dairy, caffeine, and vegetable oils from your diet. Supplementing zinc, vitamin b complex, boron, melatonin, and SOD is likely to help as well. offers resources for acne sufferers, including success stories, links to and summaries of dozens of clinical acne studies, and a lifestyle routine designed to help you treat acne naturally. If you want individual advice or are interested in contributing to the body of knowledge on acne, fill out our survey. You do not need to live with acne — it is a disease caused by a combination of a western lifestyle and western diet. By treating your acne, you’ll likely find yourself healthier, happier, and more attractive — physically and emotionally.

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  1. I was first prescribed Valtrex this past summer when my HSV2 started to recur more often. Immediately I started to break out on my face with big ugly pimples. My clear skin was suddenly covered with acne. I’ve had recurrent acne since i was 15, i’m now 20, but I had finally come to have clear skin that summer when i first started Valtrex. Because I’m so used to acne I didn’t initially see the link between the acne and the medicine. My acne persisted and eventually I figured out that maybe it had something to do with the medication so I stopped using it and my skin started to clear. It’s honestly still recovering from how bad it was. I haven’t had a bad painful pimple in a long time like I did when I was on Valtex. However, I recently asked my doctor to prescribe me Acyclovir to see if it worked any better and she accidentally prescribed me valtrex again…… Now, 10 days into unknowingly taking Valtrex my skin is breaking out and I have the first big painful pimple I’ve had since I last took Valtrex. There is a definite positive correlation between Valtrex and my acne. This might not be the case for everyone but it is for my body and skin. This will be the last time I ever take Valtrex. I’d honestly rather break out down there than on my face!

    1. Are you also taken antifungal meds or herbs? This will cause bad acne flair ups. You can also get prescribed doxycycline for the acne.

  2. Never had acne as a teenager, or after, other than a couple of pimples. Since being on Valacyclovir, have itchy, burning acne all over my face. There has to be a connection, in my opinion. It gets worse daily. I may have to quit taking it. I was on famcylovir before, it was effective and I didn’t have breakouts.

  3. When I went through puberty and trust me I wa precocious I started development in my chest area by age 7 and began my monthly’s at age 11…. well I never had very much acne on my face other than a couple large ones maybe once every 8-14 weeks …. my upper back and shoulders DID have acne and black heads though but never my facial area to much…. fast forward I’m 25 married and pregnant with an honeymoon baby no joke here yes a honeymoon baby …. I’ve had massive acne since the end of my first trimester up til about 3 months ago I had a third shingles out break since the beginning of 2018… every since I’ve been taking valtrex 1gram 3 times a day my face has never ever been so clean and clear in my entire life!!!! And I am now wearing makeup EVERYDAY!!! I am so happy I know the valtrex cleared it up and I wish I could take this for the rest of my life simply to keep my face looking like this!!!! I know as soon as I stop taking it the acne will slowly begin to return as it did after my first go around with the valtrex so now I THINK something going on with my immune system may possibly be causing my acne …. I’m O negative and my son is O positive and I had to get the rogam??? Idk how u spell it injections during and after my pregnancy due to the fact me and him exchanged blood via the umbilical cord…. I am going to talk to my doctor about this matter…. I know for a FACT the valtrex has cleared up my acne nothing not even proactive or any other SEPHORA ordered designer crap had ever helped til I had HORRIBLE burning dripping shingles drop in on me and I started valtrex . I worked on the medical field for 18 years I have zero doubts what helped me plus I have observe it SLOWLY return when I stop the valtrex as well…

  4. I’ve had steady acne for years now. I’m pretty sure it’s hormonal acne because of the location and persistence of it. It doesn’t matter how often I wash my face or use face masks there’s always something there, usually around my chin. I started taking valtrex about a week ago for an outbreak and noticed my skin has become clearer than ever. I haven’t done anything different except for taking this medicine so I’m thinking it could be why. Now I’m down to my last pill and am scared the acne will come back!! If it does I might see if I can start taking the valtrex everyday because it’s been that amazing!! No pimples at all and noticeably glowing, clear skin which never ever happens for me.

  5. I was diagnosed over 10 years ago. On and off, I have tested the theory that Valtrex helps with acne and I am finally ready to say yes. I get really bad whiteheads around my hairline and painful acne on my chin or cheeks sometimes . It doesnt matter how often I wash my hair, clean my sheets, go vegan, etc… I get acne. When I have had enough and tretinoin is not working, I pop a valtrex and it works!!! I don’t even use Valtrex for herpes anymore because I’m single and have been asymptomatic for almost 8 years.

    I think more research needs to be done in connection with skin issues especially this mass diagnosis of HSV, which in my theory from reading and hearing thousands of stories could possibly be narrowed down even more. But hey, I’m in business…not health and research, so what do I know. Just a theory.

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