Eat the right things

Avoid sugar at all costs! Your net carbs (carbs minus fiber) should be <20/day. Use unlimited extra virgin olive oil, but no soy / vegetable / other oils. Eat tons of vegetables, tomatoes cooked in olive oil, carrots, and broccoli.

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Get your exercise

Workout for 30-60 minutes, 4-5 hours before bedtime, every day. It doesn't have to be an extreme workout; a long walk is a lot better than nothing. Exercise moves tryptophan, a melatonin precursor, into the brain. Outdoor exercise is best.

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Get outside during the day

You need daylight to suppress melatonin so you can really crank it out at night. Stay in the shade, but you must see sky. The closer to noon, the better. Don't wear sunglasses, and try to avoid direct sunlight.

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Fix your sleep cycle

Go to sleep at the same time every night. Ten o'clock is best, but regularity matters most. Sleep in complete darkness, and wake up without an alarm. 8.5+ hours is optimal. Keep your evening activities calm and in relative darkness. It is nearly impossible to improve acne without sleeping long and well.

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Vitamins / supplements

Take daily: 50mg of zinc, 6 mg of boron, vitamin B complex, 2000 IUs of vitamin D. Taking these 4 vitamins and reducing net carbs to <20grams/day will reduce 90% of your acne.

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Other stuff

Don't overwash your face. Ever noticed that the people with the best skin never mess with it? Use jojoba oil or moisturizer only as necessary to avoid dry skin. Focus on being happy and healthy. Get regular teeth cleanings, and floss/brush twice per day. Poor oral hygiene causes inflammation, and inflammation causes acne.

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Don’t do this!

Avoid alcohol and drugs, particularly stimulants. Don't stay up all night. Quit using benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, and all other acne-related medicine. Avoid coffee if at all possible. Don't drink soda. No sugar, no sugar, no sugar!!! If you must drink alcohol, have a vodka soda.

Do your best

If you have acne, chances are you are violating a lot of these rules. No one expects you to fix everything at once. Make changes as you can, experiment, and see what happens. Once your skin is great, you can add back in certain foods and lifestyles that are important to you. If something turns out to be a trigger, you'll figure it out pretty quick.